Thursday, May 31, 2007

STEVE IRWIN Meets ROSS the Intern

okay, another video clip.

i'm stealing this from another blog, it was the first time i'd ever seen ross the intern and i'm hooked! i'm totally going to watch all his videos! i laughed so hard i cried!

Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up 2006 (Live)

love this video. this guy hasn't aged at all! is it bad that after i saw this video yesterday i dreamed i was at a club with rick?

what a dreamboat.

tomorrow is kieran's last day of pre-school. hard for us to believe. the poor kid, aaron and i keep randomly grabbing him and hugging him and tell him how big he's getting. tomorrow his class is having an un-birthday party for all the kids with summer birthdays, so that's exciting.

kieran and two of his friends, aidan and olivia, are signed up for two mornings of daycamp that starts next week. i told him about it last month and he got really upset about it and kept saying he didn't want to go. i told him we didn't have to talk about it. he didn't do well when he was younger adjusting to new events but has done great the past year at school.

so, last night was the orientation for daycamp and we told him about it, and he still seemed nervous but he was glad to hear that friends of his were going. we went, he played with friends, managed to fall down and skin both knees and an elbow, but he's okay. then last night when i was putting him to bed and asking if he was excited about going to camp and the counselors, he said, "Yeah. And will I get to sleep near Aidan?" poor kid thought we were sending him to sleepaway camp the whole time! we laughed and told him it was just a couple hours a week to play, then he tried to tell us he was just joking, it was pretty silly.

anyway, hard to believe summer's here already. break out the popsicles.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

a few new ones


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

just do it, you filthy slob!

last night i slaved away over dinner...okay, the crockpot slaved away for four hours on our beef stroganoff dinner, but there were some key moments where i had to add noodles and things like that. at one point though, i was reading the directions and something struck me as strange. look at these directions and see if you can figure out why they ask you to wash your hands in the middle of it????

if only it were followed by, "and you should really put a little make up on honey" it would be just like my mother's voice.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

this weekend i totally kicked laundry's butt. you'd be so proud of me. i did laundry like normal people do, all the steps, everything. i didn't do a couple loads and then forget about a load in the washer for three days. sometimes i've washed the same load three or four times until it makes it to the dryer and then eventually gets folded. but no, this weekend was different. our closets are full of clean clothes and i feel victorious. at least for a week or so.

in other news, i'm hoping to finally return some e-mails and get some things done. how is it i feel like i'm permanently attached to my computer yet e-mails still don't get returned and work isn't finished? well, now that i type it out after that laundry paragraph, i guess it's pretty obviously the same kinda thing. did i ever tell you the story of how i think i've got adult ADD but i didn't finish the online test to find out? yep. it figures.

anyway, the kids are finally sleeping, after i scratched kieran's back and sang andie 'the andie song'. we hadn't sung it in a while and she really liked it. this song used to be 'the kier song' and prior to that, years ago when i was in high school singing it to julie when she was little it was 'the jule song'. this is how our current version goes:

she's andie, she's andie,
she's big, she's heavy, she's wood.
she's andie, she's andie,
she's better than bad, she's good!

she rolls down stairs,
alone or in pairs,
rolls over your neighbor's dog,
what's great for a snack,
and fits on your bad,
she's andie, andie, andie!

she's andie, she's andie,
she's big, she's heavy, she's wood,
she's andie, she's andie,
she's better than bad, she's good!

to be honest, this was originally 'the log song' from ren and stimpy but it's just so catchy! the kids just love it.

anyhoo, we had a great weekend, didn't hurt that the weather was perfect. i wish i could hang on to it a little longer, i think the week ahead is going to get busy. what can you do? well, if you're me you just don't think about it :)


andie is so chatty lately, really engaging us in conversations and we're really enjoying it. for some reason she often wants to discuss her 'boo boos'. she'll point to one of the many scrapes or bruises, "I got a boo boo. I got a boo boo right here. On my knee. See it? Do you see it Mommy? I got a boo boo. Do you have a boo boo? I hurt my knee, I have a boo boo right here on my knee." and this often continues and it's about every five minutes. we saw a school bus the other day and she was saying, "I see a school bus! Is it Kieran's bus? I ride a school bus, when I get big. When I get big I'll ride a school bus? Will you ride a school bus when you get big Mommy?" now when we're talking with kieran she liked to talk with is or say something loudly like, "I saw Spiderman flying!" just so she can be included in our big kid talks.

here's a picture of her. yes she has a pacifier in her mouth and yes we're still trying to keep her our baby.

my sweet serious guy. we just had his kindergarten orientation and he was so cute. writing his name and drawing a self-portrait. he is so good at listening and following directions at school, it's so fun to watch it though. after orientation he and andie sat in the car wacking each other with his flip flops and laughing hysterically. it's still important to cut loose.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

sweep the leg johnny!

the karate kid is on right now.

almost makes me want to do martial arts. i had such a crush on ralph machio, now he looks like a baby!

aaron and i love to sing the song from the end competition that goes, "you're the best! around!" to each other. we're geeky like that.

Monday, May 14, 2007

darn it all

**WARNING: This post is about my "female problems".

apologies in advance to my neighbor, Mr.B who just LOVES when i post about this fun topic! you better skip this one!

so, today was my post-op appt. my doctor gave me my surgery notes which was neat and we talked about how things went and how things are going. apparently i have "pelvic congestion", a term for vericose veins in the uterus (oh yay, doesn't that sound lovely? not only can i look forward to getting those in my legs, i'm one of the ladies lucky enough to have these bad boys in my uterus! woo hoo!) i also most likely have a condition called adenomyosis, which is when where endometrial tissue infiltrates the muscular wall of the uterus. i found out about this the night before the appointment and i fit the symptoms: irregular bleeding, pain localized in uterus at times like early labor pains, back pain and pain radiating down my legs, enlarged and "boggy" uterus (it also said this on the surgery report i got a copy of, this is when the normally muscle-y uterus is squishy due to that endometrial tissue in there), childbirth or "trauma" to the uterus can contribute to it. my doctor agrees that i have this but as he said and as everything i've read about it, the only way to both diagnose and treat this is with a hysterectomy. i don't care so much about the diagnosis so much as treating this stuff. i'm just not sure what to think about it all.

and on top of it all, i'm still bleeding. three weeks past surgery. surgery that removed all the stuff that was supposedly causing my bleeding. and i'm still taking my trusty birth control pill, ironically taking this pill to help "regulate" my periods. what a joke. it's been 13 weeks and i'm feeling like a leaky faucet (and no "hey, it's a good thing your husband is a plumber!" jokes!)

my doctor is going to switch me to a different pill but really, is anything going to change? i'm sure he doesn't want to say the "H" word. prompting a young woman of childbearing years to think about removing her uterus is a big deal and with how things are nowadays, i'm sure he's reluctant to go there.....but in the meantime i don't know what's going to happen. and i don't know if we want more kids. or maybe we do. maybe i want to be pregnant again. maybe we want to adopt. maybe i want to stop feeling discomfort and pain all the time. maybe i've always said i'd never do anything permanent to effect my fertility. hmmmmm....lots of maybes.

so that was my day monday. ironically this followed mother's day. but hey, at least the weather has been nice!

Sunday, May 13, 2007


kieran is obsessed with those cheap, several-to-a-pack, ribbed undershirts. aaron and i traded derogatory terms for them but attempt to simply refer to them as white undershirts. anyway, kieran would wear them everyday if he could. we just bought a new package and they didn't have any in colors available in his size so he settled for white. and then andie wanted to wear one too, i'll have to post a picture-it looks like a white ribbed mini-dress.

they both let me take some pictures, kieran has mastered his "serious look" and let me take about 30 great pictures of him as he stared into my lens. i asked if he wanted to smile in any but he really preferred the serious look, which i love anyway. what a sweetie.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

i'm sure you all really care, but i just love andie's new carseat. i've wrestled with our carseat for about four years with these kids, the straps have been twisted since day one. the cover is nearly impossible to get off to clean. and it now has so much juice and snacks spilled on it i can barely maneuver the latch. so recently someone in my mother's group was giving away her Britax carseat, which is the kind i originally wanted but couldn't see spending $200+ on it. it has seen better days but upon soaking the straps, cleaning it off, it was really the cover that made it look so bad. lucky me, i found the cutest custom-made cover from someone on eBay in dalmatian print and it is so cute! definitely suits andie now.

we finally felt we had grown out kieran's discount haircut sufficiently (okay, a bit more than that, the boy was looking a tad mullet-y) and upon suggestion from a friend, we took him to a barber. wow. he looks great. i was surprised at how thorough it was, and he smelled like a barbershop when we were home later!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


our cozy is coup is oh-so-cozy (hee hee, i was full of type-o's this post, huh?)

lovely little lady

andie and her "bobby"

uncle jacob and andie kieran

Thursday, May 03, 2007


today i was picking up kieran at school and while i was on my way out the door i heard a woman saying to another mother, "Yeah, she's a photographer..." something about children's pictures. i know this isn't a big deal really, but it was the first time i've heard myself referred to in this way. i just happened to catch that one sentence and then thought about how odd that sounded in my ears. i'm enjoying my camera and lenses and i've started taking pictures for other people, yet i don't call myself a photographer. i have such a long way to go before i feel i can earn that. only in the past couple weeks have a started saying i'm an "amateur photographer" instead of just saying that i'm "getting into photography". i can't believe how much there is to learn and i don't presume to think i'll be anything but an amateur for a while longer but that's totally cool with me. i'm trying to find my niche and figure out where i want to be with all this. for now i practice, practice, practice and try to get people in front of my lens and hope for the best. i'll get there but i'm not ready to leave the amateur part out of the title.

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