Wednesday, September 09, 2009

well, i hope everyone out there had a fabulous holiday weekend! we actually spent labor day putting together a set of bunkbeds. andie has been in need of a new bed for fear that one day she might get into the cute-but-barely-standing-$15-garage sale-four posted-hanging-on-by-a-thread-and-not-to-mention-some-duct-tape-bed of hers & the thing would just collapse. so we took the opportunity to introduce something fun yet dangerous into her world!

we picked up the bunkbeds sunday night & then bright & early monday morning we announced their arrival & our intentions to assemble them. and then we realize we've been sent the wrong ones. we had ordered a set of white beds & these are mahogany. the mahogany were probably the most attractive but andie's dresser is white & i thought the dark color might be a bit masculine. after some consideration we decided to just go with it. and i'm really glad we did, they look great. we also decided to switch andie's room with madyn's, madyn's having been the bigger room with a slightly higher ceiling where the beds would go. and honestly, i'd never finished working on madyn's nursery so i wasn't totally invested anyway.

so the picture's from before are labor day morning & the almost after is afternoon.....later we did get a new mattress for the top.

kieran's been sleeping with andie in the bunkbeds & the first night they were up, though she was excited, she was also a little out of sorts & probably feeling a bit discombobulated being in a new room with a giant bed, she wouldn't stay in bed & eventually she fell asleep in the big red chair......and last night she begged to sleep in kieran's room in his bed, even though he was in the bunk beds. we'll see. we're hoping not to play musical beds all week but we'll see.

oh and P.S. we love andie's orange & white damask IKEA duvet cover but they don't sell them anymore.....if anyone has one that they don't want, we'd love to have a second one now :)



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