Monday, August 31, 2009

.......and now summer is over.

hi out there! how is everyone? we're doing just swell. i have no good excuses for being so bloggingly absent, though summer is the busiest time for me but also the time when i have the least amount of chilldcare. oh well. no pity parties here, we had a great summer-especially due to the nice, mild weather. have i mentioned that i turn into a total beast when i'm hot? well, you can ask aaron about it sometime. it's isn't pretty.

this summer we enjoyed things like going to area parks, riding bikes, going to camps, swimming at various pools, getting together with friends, berry picking, the county fair, a 5k, having a garage sale, a weekend family trip to chicago, an annual girlfriend weekend trip for me to galena.

but now school's started & we're back into our school schedule, which i have been counting down for. i am not very scheduled myself so the school year provides me with a much needed routine. unfortunately, kieran's school starts ridiculously early-at 7:45-but we'll take it, his school is awesome & makes me feel all happy everytime we go there. i just love all the teachers & staff & everyone always seems to happy to be there, which for me is a sign of a great place. it's so great to feel so secure in knowing that kieran is in a fun, encouraging, happy environment that-let's face it-provides him with much more than i am able to offer him. i'm so excited for him to be starting 2nd grade. he's also playing baseball which has been really fun.

andie & madyn have both started at Mother's Morning Out a few mornings a week. i love how i can take them any morning i choose. and as soon as they opened for fall they both went every morning the first week. so nice. andie will be starting her Little Maroons program at my old high school in a couple weeks but this will tide me over a bit until then, & she is very much a second kid--ready to go, go, go & wave goodbye to me from over her shoulder. madyn is awesome too-10 months. crawling. yuck. okay, i should be happy for her & encouraging but it's hard because now she's mobile & she's everywhere & she's eating random legos off the ground & we have to remember to always keep the basement door shut. she is so happy though with her freedom that i hate to begrudge her this joy.....i'm trying to be encouraging. i even brought up a little push toy that she can walk along with & now she loves it & i can practically see the little hears turning in her head, wondering if she might be able to just let go & try a couple steps on her own.....that's usually when i distract her & try to get her to think about something else because nothings worse than a baby who crawls than a baby who walks. then she wouldn't even be a baby, she'd be a toddler, & i am just not ready for that. but she is so sweet & fun & we just can't believe that in less than two months (oct 29) she's going to turn 1. we're thinking about a halloween bday party for her, which i think would be tons of fun. i love fall & halloween is the best holiday ever.

so i'm going to just say that summer was busy & write it off as my blog "time off" & now i'm back in the swing of things! check back again, i'll post pictures & update, i promise (heather--i'm talking to you!!!)

hope you're all doing well out there!



Blogger Heather said...

YAY! I'm so happy that your blog "time off" is over. It's been a long summer without having a post of yours to read. I think you'd be surprised with how many people look forward to reading them:)

8:06 AM  
Blogger joanna said...

ha ha! i'm going to post something else today or tomorrow to, i'm getting back into it! i'm glad you like reading, i never think that anyone's really reading most of this. i really just like writing it because it's like keeping a journal-someday i would love to print out the blog as a book!

i need to bookmark your blog heather-when i got my new laptop i lost all my bookmarks & never updated!

thanks for posting a comment!!

8:34 AM  
Blogger Sara said...

I am a lurker too! Glad you are back! :)

4:47 PM  
Blogger Lys said...

Me three - I'm a long-time lurker, first-time commenter (no not really, I must have commented before this??)

You sound like you have had a great time - and I'm so excited to read all about C-U and what the kids are up to! Looking forward to it.

9:52 PM  

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