Tuesday, June 24, 2008

random thoughts

aaron and i have been saying that lately it seems like we hear on the radio, "Today's high is 85 degrees, currently it's 87." don't you think they can just stop mentioning what the high is if we've already surpassed their expectations? it's like rubbing it in that the weather people were wrong (granted, only by a degree or two, but still...)


i've been noticing that andie has the perfect surfer-boy hair. about a year ago i tried to grow kieran's hair out a bit, hoping for the slightly shaggy, windblown look, but it was not to be. his hair just isn't meant to look that way, it just got poufier and "bigger", not what i was going for. aaron claims kieran's hair was like his own when he was a kid and still had hair, he calls it "pumpkinhead", or else it was other kids who called aaron that....either way, it wasn't positive. but andie on the other hand, would have great whispy surfer-boy hair, if only she was a boy. as a girl i'm trying to grow her hair out a bit and it just doesn't want to get much longer. oh well.


why is it that sometimes the things we love are the very things that cause us so much pain?

i have been in love with flip flops for many years. even in college, when friends would wear their black pants, halter tops, and heels, i would frequently wear my "shower shoes" out to the bars. i like to think i distinguished myself by not wearing black pants and gigantic shoes but really it was all about comfort, and a certain understated footwear. at the time it didn't seem like everyone was wearing them the way they are now (i say that quite naively as i know that flip flops have been popular since long before i was in college). aaron makes fun of my summer shoe choice and try as a might to defend them, it's getting a little harder. lately my feet are definitely feeling the effects of these support-less sandals and by the end of the day i'm a bit achy. recently, i was just about to admit to aaron how much i needed to rest my feet when he opened up the computer to this story about flip flops. i know, i know, it's all things i've heard before--although i had no idea our walking gait actually changes when we wear them--but i really thought that i could continue to get away with it. i love how in the end of this story all about the damage flip flops do to your feet and how hazardous they are to your health, they give you a silver lining and tell you don't throw them out-you can still wear them once in a while. so for me, i'm just not quite ready to be done with them altogether (although i'm sure no podiatrist would agree), i've decided to slowly ween myself and try to relinquish the pancake flat, $5 type i wear and invest in a pair that has some shock absorption and arch support. and no fancy colors or bells and whistles, i'm a flip flop purist. it's all black for me. and from there we'll see. i may have to find a new summer shoe love. love shouldn't hurt this much, right?


Saturday, June 21, 2008

Brawndo: The Thirst Mutilator

check out the other brawndo commercials too. many thanks to aaron for encouraging me to watch "idiocrasy" where this was from (and thanks to bud for having aaron watch it). now i totally want to win at yelling.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


probably one of the most unflattering image of myself ever taken. but then again, you haven't seen images from the middle school years. not pretty.

i hope you're satisfied heather!

Monday, June 16, 2008

fun times

i have new party trick!

i had a fun morning at the e.r. today. everything is completely fine--me, the baby, everyone. i woke up this morning to a gushing nosebleed. i managed to only get one drop on our comforter but i was coated in it and our bathroom looked like a battle scene as i scrambled to get toilet paper and stop the bleeding. i never got nosebleeds as a kid, only as an adult has it happened & i know that with pregnancy it can be more common & there's increased blood flow. luckily aaron hadn't left for work yet & i sat pinching my nose hoping that the kids wouldn't wake up to find mom covered in blood. it was flowing pretty heavy & out of both nostrils which was something new but it didn't seem odd until blood started coming out of my eye. tell that to patient advisory & they recommend you get to the e.r. pretty quickly.

the best thing about the e.r. was that after half an hour of alternating hands to squeeze the bridge of my nose tightly, they rig this contraption out of tongue depressors so that it pinches your nose for you. awesome. then my arms didn't hurt anymore. it looks absolutely ridiculous & of course i got aaron to take a picture of me with my nose pincher on. the rest of the visit was pretty uneventful, baby's heartrate was fine, the doctor was awesome, my bloodwork came back normal for clotting problems, etc. i told him i really wasn't concerned about bleeding out of my eye as the blood was flowing so hard and my pinching it off at the nose was forcing it out somewhere else & he concurred, it's all connected, even relating the dave letterman stupid human trick guy who could squirt milk out of his eye---something i think i could do too! for the past year or so, whenever i get a cold & blow my nose, i've had to squeeze my left eye shut or press against it because the pressure is released out of my eye. sometimes it even bubbles. are you totally grossed out yet?

so, this will be the most expensive nosebleed i've had. i'm just glad that everything turned out just fine & maybe one of these days i can post a video of myself shooting milk out of my eye. or not.....

Saturday, June 14, 2008


we had our ultrasound for the baby on wednesday, we were all happy to finally see something that resembled a baby (i had a few pictures from one at 7 weeks where it basically looks like a jellybean but not quite as big). anyway, all went well, everything looked good, no big announcements though as we chose not to find out the sex.

from the blurry, shadowy pictures of the baby's profile we think the baby shares kieran's profile, or at least looks the way his ultrasound profile looked. who knows. they're basically pruny little aliens right about now, we'll just have to see once he/she's here : )


Thursday, June 12, 2008


we have been busy around here, but taking lots of time to play in the yard, swim in the kiddie pool & sometimes fill it up with bubbles. we finally got a patio set (no thank you to target) & our marriage survived (barely) & though it rained for days on end as soon as we brought it home, it survived (barely) & we use it daily.

the kids are great, loving the summer and tan already.

i love these pictures of kieran & his buddy ethan from last week, they had a great afternoon. i secretly love photographing blue eyed kids, it's a nice departure from the sweet hazel eyes of my own :)


Tuesday, June 03, 2008

a couple recent senior pics

name these quotes

Woman: Is there anyway we could talk?
Man: What if we use our mouths and tongues?


Woman: David, I just don't think...
Man: [interrupting] That's okay, you look good.


Woman: Wipe that stupid grin off your face.
Man: This is the smartest grin I know.


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