Wednesday, October 21, 2009

we are just chugging along over here, it's been insanely busy for all of us but i guess it's silly to expect anything else. october is my biggest photo month of the year & at least this year i'm not 9 months pregnant & trying to get on the ground for the right shots........instead i'm chasing madyn around who's going to be a year old next week & is now WALKING! yep, she is now quite independent & loving it. her favorite things to do are go up the stairs when we have forgotten to put the gate up ( i love that when she starts climbing them & then looks back to see us coming she suddenly pushes it unto high gear & tries to get up them super fast to escape us) & catching us when we haven't closed the bathroom door & then running in, wedging herself against the wall & the toilet & immediately flushing it. it's like she thinks the flush lever is just for her to do this. this morning andie went to the bathroom & i was helping her & madyn runs in. andie says to her right away, "sorry madyn, i already flushed the toilet" , as if madyn is our own little toilet flushing assistant whom we call on after going to the bathroom & really just need help in that department. she is the perfect height.

right now i'm considering giving up sleep to catch up on all the things i need to do. i feel like i can barely download my camera cards & back them up before it's time to put 'em back in & go to another shoot! yesterday i wondered what the strange pain in my knuckles was when i extended my right hand way out--then i realized it was from holding my crazy heavy camera & huge lenses for literally hours at time for five days in a row & hitting the shutter over & over. my very own version of carpal tunnel! and then i got a cold two days ago & i just thought to myself matter-of-factly "well this just won't do. i can't have a cold right now. maybe next week. or better yet, early november. i'll still have a lot going on but it won't be like this. okay, there you go, i just can't possibly be sick right now." and ya want to know something, i really feel like this cold hasn't gone past being just a little annoying-nothing that laid me out in bed or incapacitated me, just some congestion & sniffling. HA! i guess i told that cold who's boss!

the kids are doing well. kieran has a loose tooth. finally. i didn't lose my first tooth until 2nd grade so i haven't been that surprised that it's taken a while, though i've still be excited for it to happen. the other night he was brushing his teeth & complaining that it was bothering his loose tooth, which i hadn't seen yet. i asked him to show me & he's wiggling it but i can't see anything with his fingers in the way & a mouth full of toothpaste. finally i get to look & it turns out it's fairly loose & the adult tooth is fully in behind it. geez. at first i thought it was just in a little, but it's pretty much all there. so, now i'm hoping that the little guy falls out soon & give the big tooth some space.....we'll see.

andie is good. the other day she put on a Hannah Montana pajama top, a blue fleece track suit that's too small for her, and Thomas the Train sunglasses & quite seriously said to me, "i have the right attitude to be a singer". she also reasoned that she "spins a lot". and she definitely had the intense rock star glare down. it probably doesn't help that i've been letting her watch episodes of "Glee". she loves it & seems only mildly curious in some of the non-singing, more grown-up parts of the show.....

in all seriousness, we're doing really well. and though i do feel like i'm going in a million different directions at all times, the kids are great & i just love this time of year & snuggling with them. aaron's busy with plumbing & spending time with the kids whenever he can, at times trying to come home early when i beg him because i have a session. i love my wonderful clients & just keep making new friends every time i meet new kids & families. yep, no complains here. least until the holiday season. then it's pure chaos & i'm not responsible for the ranting that may occur. ;)



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