Friday, September 26, 2008

watch for my brother on TV....

so, earlier in the week i stopped at my mom and dad's house with andie before picking kieran up from school only to have my mother say, "have you talked to Jacob lately?" i hadn't but she and my dad had, only minutes before he took off on a helicopter for an aerial tour of the Hamptons.....

and check out his blog to find out why he was there: The Food Network Addict

can you believe it??? and on top of it, he has a great "day job" working for the Kennedy Center in D.C. and occasionally takes in a show here or there or gets to be a seat filler for some celebrity event there. if i didn't know him so well (and i do, oh, the stories i could tell!) i would think his head must be getting pretty big. but it isn't. yet. though the TV special hasn't aired yet either....


Saturday, September 20, 2008

fun stuff

our sweet little munchkins. the andie ones were from two days ago and the kieran ones were from this morning. i love andie telling us she's "3"!!!


"Sssshhhh, listen, do you smell something?" ~Ghostbusters

been very very busy lately, here are some photos from just a few sessions over the past month. fun!


while i don't *really* photograph weddings, i made an exception last month and had a fabulous time photographing this couple along with all their family and friends. it was a gorgeous day and i was commissioned by a family who was hosting the wedding at their house for the bride, who is like a daughter to them. the bride and groom were like models out of a magazine and the whole event was just gorgeous. the funny thing was that most of the pictures i took of the couple were at the neighbor's house, who just so happens to be my obstetrician! and i just love my OB! we hug and kiss hello and hardly ever think to even talk about the pregnancy or baby, we chat and chat and try to figure out when we'll both have the time for me to come photograph him with his partner and their adorable dogs! he was so fun and we used his lovely yard as the photo backdrop as their was a huge tent setup for the wedding next door. at one point i had to laugh when the groom and his macho guy friends were all set up for a picture and i had to insist they move four feet to their left. they weren't sure why, and even when i told them to look behind them they didn't seem to notice. "If you stay where you were, you'd have a giant gay pride flag flying over your heads." my OB heard me telling the guys this and just cracked up. i'm just glad i caught it before snapping the shot. and after i shot the evening ceremony and it started getting dark, i simply hung out with my doc and his partner and ended up staying til midnight! what a crazy photo session!

the adorable flower girl:
the sweet couple:

the flower girl and her brother:

the family who hosted the wedding, they were so cute!

my OB!

after taking lauren's senior pictures recently, her dad asked if i would photograph a family reunion they were hosting in conjunction with his mother's 80th birthday. as i had said earlier, i don't *really* do event photography, but i couldn't resist and the whole family was absolutely adorable! they were hilarious and charming and i could tell you all really enjoyed one another's company. it was very sweet being their for half of their party and like the wedding, i'm sensitive to the fact that i'm involved in a personal, family moment and i try to either fade into the background for candid shots or make people comfortable for the others.

the family who hosted (i love the dogs in the pictures!):

one of the grandma's sons and his wife:

another fun family:

all the menfolk with grandma:

i had an early evening session on a nearby town with a sweet little family. the kids were so cute and had lots of energy-but what kids don't? the best part was the session ended with the kids showing off in their in-ground pool and lots of waterbaby shots!

Monday, September 08, 2008


Sunday, September 07, 2008

andie outside tonight

a picture from this evening, after we had some watermelon and before we went inside for bed. so cute!


Thursday, September 04, 2008

check this out

oh my gosh, this blog is hilarious! and maybe it will help get the taste of my last post out of your mouth (even that sounds gross actually). i dedicate this blog recommendation to by brother. i know you'll love this boy!

the "blog" of "unnecessary" quotation marks

i don't have a problem with "quotation marks" but i do have a major parenthesis addiction (can you tell?)

*** do i put this delicately....

aaron always accuses me of relaying every possible embarrassing, self-deprecating, dorky story about myself. and i just can't help it! i like to just put it all out there, and i don't care if i look stupid, so what?

so, there's no way to sugar coat it (and after discussing my kids peeing all over the house, why even try really, right?) but today i threw up all over myself while driving home with the kids (+ one, buddy aidan). twice. it wasn't pretty. and i wish i could blame it on being pregnant but i don't think that was a big issue at the time. it was like this: i was driving the kids home from a playdate, as i'm driving i cough every once in a while and it just seems like there's a tickle in my throat that won't go away. halfway home i'm the first car in the left turn lane stopped at a red light at an intersection when the cough is so deep i gag. and then i suddenly just throw up. i put my hand up, don't know why--to catch it?? and i puke on my hand, my shirt, down the side of the car door. it was so gross. and before the light can turn green, it happens again. meanwhile there are cars whizzing by and some drive right alongside me as this happens. i can only imagine how this looked to someone who's casually driving by and then "OH MY GOD! that woman is puking on herself!" thankfully, it was raining, so i'm telling myself their view of this ickiness was blurred by rain and windshield wipers.

so that was the highlight of my day. and then i had to simply continue driving home, even waving at two neighbors with my pukey hand (thank god it was rainy) and then explain to the kids why we had to make a pitstop so i could change (the boys:"can we see it?" andie:"one time i threw up in my bed!" she loves to tell this story).

i figure it can only get better from there. and i'll try not post more gross stories.

this'll show all you guys who complained about benny lava and how long it had been since i posted!


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