Tuesday, March 03, 2009

child #3

playing house

andie & friend are playing house or something similar with a baby doll. i'm washing dishes & i hear them talking.

friend: "Can I hold the baby?"
andie: "No, she died!"
friend: "But I'm big now, can I hold her?"
andie: "No, because she died! Hurry! We have to get her to the hospital!"

i wonder how this is going to play out......


Monday, March 02, 2009

we are swell

i'm back!

this has probably been the longest blogging break i've taken, but it feels nice to be back here & while i really don't have anything very interesting to say, i thought it might be good to at least post that i'm still alive.

all is well around here, when last i wrote i was recovering from surgery. i can now say i feel awesome, i have no idea how many weeks post-op i am, so i think it's a good thing that i've stopped counting. the first couple weeks were a little rough but by six weeks i felt great & my doctor admitted he had been impressed since the day after surgery at how up-and-about i was. so go me!

kids are awesome, kieran is valedictorian of his first grade, andie discovered a cure for ear worms, & madyn is learning french.

aaron & i are starting a cult. we haven't figured out what kind yet, but if you have suggestions or want to join, let me know! it's always nice to have more followers!

i promise to post something better soon, for now i'm leaving you with the best darn family picture we have--i made the fam crouch in front of the camera right after i finished photographing a client. i set it up, set the timer & this was the only shot i got. looks so good i wish i had dressed us up & had gotten a hair trim!


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