Sunday, February 17, 2008


andie: kieran hit me in the eye. one time.
aaron: do you mean earlier today, when you hit him in the eye?
andie: um, yes. (runs away)

Thursday, February 07, 2008

know anyone who was like this...? were you like this....?

a friend from high school who works in computer animation was just chosen to work on the Transformers 2 movie and when i was looking at his work online i came across this project he and several other guys did. love it.

don't leave your kids with me.....

.....or they could end up like the passports.....just kidding. don't leave your kids with me or i'll turn them into photo props.....

andie just loves "oxer". erika was barely out the door and she just had to give him love. and then i shove a camera in his face. what a sport.

Monday, February 04, 2008

is it just me....

....or is this really bizarre....?

oh joy

did anyone happen to catch the superbowl yesterday? i don't have a clue what happened with the game, i was really only wondering if you saw my tom perform at halftime. sigh. wasn't he the best? i'd like to thank aaron and dori and erika and any other friend who liked to remind me of how old he was looking. okay, i admit, tom's slowing down just a little, and dori laughed at his sportcoat. erika thought he seemed a bit stiff ("well, there are only so many times you can re-animate a corpse" aaron said) but you know how it is with true love--totally blind. i just don't notice these things, he totally rocked. i still want to marry him. aaron accurately predicted each of the four songs he would perform and i loved 'em all. awww man, now i'm going to have to go watch my TP biography again...

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