Thursday, July 26, 2007

my little problem

so, i think i've lost my parents' passports.

let me say it now lest i forget to warn you later: don't leave things in my possession that belong to you. don't loan me things, don't forget things when you stop by, just please, please, please, don't put that awful ball in my court of having to return something to you.

okay, if you remember, my sister stayed with us for a week while our parents were in paris celebrating their anniversary. upon returning on a flight to o'hare, they were then going to fly out immediately to a wedding in North Carolina and i was to bring julie to o'hare as she was going with them. everything went fine, no problem, my parents promised souvenirs and oh by the way, can you take our passports home for us with you? definitely, fine, no problem, done. fast forward about a month and my mother called the other day, can't find her passports then remembered that she had given them to me. well, the last thing i remember was sitting them next to me in the passenger seat and driving off, assured that all was well and they would be returned to their rightful owners shortly. however, i don't remember the handoff. at all. neither does my mother. unfortunately, this is not rare for me--i am about as absentminded as it gets. and this problem as only gotten worse.

i've looked everywhere for those darn things and can. not. find. them. i can't imagine i accidentally threw them away or got rid of them, and that's because of problem #2 of mine (another story for another time) which is i hold onto too many things and for far too long. i don't go willy nilly tossing stuff in the trash without sorting, re-piling, agonizing, etc. and often i just figure, "you know, i'll just keep it right where it is in this pile on my side counter, eventually if i need it, i'll know to look here". so, i just figure that if those passports aren't in one of my many piles, surely they're at my mothers. problem there is her piles--you didn't think this trait/problem of mine came out of thin air, did you? oh no, my mom and is my pile predecessor. she's checking her piles, i'm checking mine--i'm getting more certain i must have given them back to her, she's getting more certain that they're at my house. quite a quandary.

and while i'm opening up and you're still reading-i still have my neighbor's sunglasses sitting on my counter from when she left them three weeks ago accidentally, i have a scarf in my closet someone left at a playgroup sometime during the winter, and you know last saturday when our family went to the lakehouse? well, it was also a search and rescue mission-i had borrowed a DVD from a family friend about two months ago, thought it was in my laptop bag and when i went to return it it wasn't there. the only place i remembered getting it out was at the lakehouse. we searched all over, under couches, every room, inside books. nothing. cost me $8 in a new DVD.

so, in a very long nutshell, i have determined that i can barely take care of my children and our own possessions, if any of yours enter my house-you may never see them again!

please cross your fingers for the passports though. definitely a bigger deal than that scarf.


Blogger Marlene said...

I think the scarf is mine.
Let me know what it looks like and I will claim it.
Blue and brown striped perhaps?
You should make a cute modpoged sign and hang it over your door.
What ever is left at Johannas stays at Johannas.

6:51 AM  
Blogger Liza said...

If it makes you feel any better, I seem to be growing a collection of your belongings at my house: sunglasses, decorating magazines, Lady the engine...(I'll get those back to you soon!) Although I'm sure the discovery of the passports is the only thing that will really make you feel better. They've got to turn up somewhere--good luck!

9:27 AM  
Anonymous Mrs. B said...

My sister promises her kids donuts if they find whatever it is that mommy put in the wrong place. They are very good finders of lost items and get donuts on a reglular basis.

12:16 PM  

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