Thursday, July 19, 2007

not well

thank goodness for friends & family.

i'm ill. it's not fun. yesterday aaron's parents came over and played with the kids for a couple hours so i could rest upstairs. it was so nice. and today my buddy erika had kieran over for a few hours (yes, the same woman who gave birth less than two weeks ago, i know, i know, she's a saint and i don't deserve her friendship and aaron says we should pretty much share custody and help raise their new baby in return for how often she's watched the kids for me) and this afternoon my mom and aunt julie came over to take the kids for a bit. i've just taken tylenol with codiene (how do you spell that?) and should sleep but i just can't seem to.

i have a cold, which really stinks, but i've also had my "period" for three weeks and this week is particularly bad. in june i started a new BC pill continuously, without placebos, to stop my previous 14 week long bleeding spree. actually, i had to take the pill twice a day for a couple weeks to actually stop the bleeding, but it worked and i continued taking it for the next month. and then i randomly started bleeding again on it and once again, i haven't stopped. this week i am no on any pill as i am waiting to start a new one this weekend, but that means that in addition to the dysfunctional bleeding i've had for weeks, i now actually am having a period and it's pretty bad. i'm keeping a migraine at bay with medicine because of the hormone fluxuations and the cramps are really bad.

i have to say, i was fairly hopefull after i had surgery in april, and then the bleeding continued, then i was hopeful again when the pill helped, but now that it hasn't work, i gotta say-i'm not quite the optimist anymore! ultimately i know what has to be done, but i just don't know if i'm ready to say goodbye to my uterus yet. it's really been there for me you know, when i had my first period ( i totally called all my friends too, "Guess what-I got it! I got it!" if i had known what a pain every month would become i wouldn't have done nearly as much jumping up and down), it's given my two beautiful kids. i don't know. i seem to only have two options: 1) find a pill or hormone combination that prevents me from bleeding and cramping, or 2) get rid of my uterus. oh, and actually i recently thought of a third-i can be a surrogate mother and be pregnant all the time and not bleed! i loved being pregnant and while i just don't know that i want a baby right now, i could help some great couple and help myself at the same time! i'm kidding. pretty much, but it isn't that bad an idea really....

anyway. i'm going to try to nap. but that's what's going on, i hope to feel like myself again soon, keep your fingers crossed and think happy thoughts!


Blogger Caleb & Olivia's Mom said...

Oh Joanna, I hope you feel better soon:( I certainly hope they can figure out what is going on! I'm glad you have support! We'll be thinking about you!!!

7:13 PM  
Blogger joanna said...

thanks, i'm starting to feel better now that it's a week later. they do have an idea of what the problem is but because it can only be diagnosed and also cured with a hysterectomy, everything else is like using a bandaid until then. so, i'm going to tough it out for a bit and take as many painkillers as i can!

thanks for your support, i really do appreciate it :)

7:44 AM  

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