Thursday, July 26, 2007


on tuesday when i picked kieran and his buddy aidan up from camp i got a not-so-good review from his counselor about his behavior. mostly it boiled down to bossiness, which i had a feeling might start rearing it's ugly head. bad timing for him though, as my generous friend Marlene (and her son, what a sweetheart :) ) had just loaned us 3 power ranger outfits! kieran has been asking for a power ranger outfit for weeks and we've been putting him off and i was so bummed that just as i get these cute little costumes in my hot little hands, i get a bad, i can't exactly reward that behavior, right? so i just didn't mention it and figure we'll see how thursday's camp goes.

so, just before camp i tell kieran i really want to hear good things from his counselor and that i've got these p.r. outfits....! he totally lit up, i knew i had him. sure enough, he was actually awarded "camper of the day", his counselor wrote that kieran was "amazing" and did everything they asked and helped others! woo hoo! see what a little tangible bribe can do?

and wouldn't you know it, i ran to the fabric store while aaron put him to bed and when i returned after he was asleep he was in full red power ranger ragalia. love it.

kieran and aidan:

kieran with the mask:
wearing the costume, watching the show-heaven!
andie's a p.r. fan too, she liked to get really close so she can absorb all the cheesiness:


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