Thursday, May 31, 2007

tomorrow is kieran's last day of pre-school. hard for us to believe. the poor kid, aaron and i keep randomly grabbing him and hugging him and tell him how big he's getting. tomorrow his class is having an un-birthday party for all the kids with summer birthdays, so that's exciting.

kieran and two of his friends, aidan and olivia, are signed up for two mornings of daycamp that starts next week. i told him about it last month and he got really upset about it and kept saying he didn't want to go. i told him we didn't have to talk about it. he didn't do well when he was younger adjusting to new events but has done great the past year at school.

so, last night was the orientation for daycamp and we told him about it, and he still seemed nervous but he was glad to hear that friends of his were going. we went, he played with friends, managed to fall down and skin both knees and an elbow, but he's okay. then last night when i was putting him to bed and asking if he was excited about going to camp and the counselors, he said, "Yeah. And will I get to sleep near Aidan?" poor kid thought we were sending him to sleepaway camp the whole time! we laughed and told him it was just a couple hours a week to play, then he tried to tell us he was just joking, it was pretty silly.

anyway, hard to believe summer's here already. break out the popsicles.


Blogger Christina said...

Poor kid must have thought you were shipping him off and wondering why you were so excited for him to go!!

Very funny story though...

11:20 AM  
Blogger joanna said...

seriously, how awful for him!

though there are days i wish i could ship him off.....!

hope you and the girls are well!

7:07 PM  

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