Sunday, October 14, 2007

uh, wrong number

so, i'm a little sleepy today. i awoke around 3am to a prank call from my hair stylist's husband.

ironically, i went to sleep pretty early least night, falling asleep while trying to work on my laptop. i've been staying up way too late most nights spending time on the computer and other nights aaron and i have worked on catching up on season 3 of "The Office".

i'm trying to figure out my new cell phone (woo hoo, i love it too--it's a t-mobile dash) so i had it on my nightstand. around 3.30 am i woke up to it ringing. it was a local cell number and it looked familiar but since my previous phone was stollen and i have none of my numbers, i wasn't sure who it might be. i croaked, "hello..." "hey! i can't believe you answered!" said a male voice. and i promptly hung up. i wasn't surprised when the phone rang again. i pressed the button to ignore the call but then waited. i imagined that the guy called back, heard my name on the recorded voicemail number, realized he had the wrong number and hung up. but about three minutes later my phone beeped that i had a message. pretty much completely awake now i grabbed the phone again and listened, " joanna! i can't believe you hung up on me!" i heard him through some music and what i had originally assumed was a bar or a party. at almost 4am. but after stating his disbelief for the second time i could tell it was simply music playing and then he started rapping along with some music. from time to time he would yell, "YEAH! YOU LIKE THAT??" and then the music ended and he says into the phone, "don't hang up, wait for it.....don't hang up" presumably forgetting that we weren't actually connected. and then he'd play another song and start rapping with it. after a couple minutes with my ear to my cell phone in the dark, wondering what in the heck i was listening to, aaron asked, "is that aaron w?" aaron is also the name of my stylist, amber's husband. aaron sleepily says next to me, "remember how he called you a couple times in the middle of the night and would yell rap music?" i had indeed completely forgotten about that--my hair stylist's husband called a couple times in the middle of the night, after drinking a bit, and would blare loud rap songs and would sing along with them in the messages. completely harmless, just a bit odd. amber, or course, was horrified by it but it was a while ago when it happened and i hadn't even remembered until aaron reminded me.

so, anyway, after that i just couldn't get back to sleep so i turned the computer back on and continued what i had been working in before i fell asleep. it was a strange night. can't wait till i go in for a trim and have something fun to talk about. and see marlene--your husband only fell asleep at the table during dinner with us, it could be a lot crazier-he could be calling my cell phone at all hours and screaming the words to rap songs ;)

such is my life.


Blogger Marlene said...

Thanks Joanna..
Im really glad everyone knows about our sleepy dinner date. Hey next time you should share with the WORLD all the details about our late night beach stroll in FL.

4:59 PM  
Blogger joanna said...

ha ha ha! i knew you'd hate me for posting about that! but seriously, i'd be telling EVERYONE if aaron did that!!! it was great!

i promise we'll have you over and i'll try to drink a lot so i get super sleepy.....!

and i was thisclose to telling all about that stroll but then i remembered that older relatives might be reading this. and for all i know my kindergarten teacher or something! so don't worry, my lips are sealed...unless i drink a lot! funny how that works!

you're lucky i don't blog drunk. yet.

5:05 PM  

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