Tuesday, September 25, 2007

all quiet on the midwestern front

praise the lord, my baby has a pulse! ...and by "baby" i mean "laptop", and by "has a pulse" i mean "has a new cord". anyway, it's been hard getting by without it, i was having some withdrawal symptoms. i'd find my fingers "air-typing", if you will, pretending to log into my e-mail. i'd dream of various fonts and double click in my sleep. i can't believe how much i've missed this little ole machine! what on earth did we do before laptops and cell phones??

so anyway, i am just absolutely swell. i've been hating the 90 degree weather recently, i can't believe how much better i feel when it's cooler out. 68 degrees is just perfect if you ask me. being hot just puts me on edge, i've never been a big summer girl. but fall, now i am all over that. the slight chill in the air, the leaves starting to change, the pumpkins, harvesting the fields, bonfires. love it, love it, love it. i think things are supposed to start cooling off again, so that's good.

the kids are great, kieran's loving kindergarten, lots of new friends, new activities, fun teacher. i help assemble folders every friday. the start time is insanely early, if you ask me, 7:45am, but we're making it work. this friday is his school's walk-a-thon, i'm so happy that the year he started school is the same year they decided to surrender the previous fundraisers there were doing--you know the soliciting neighbors to buy magazine subscriptions and candy--in lieu of donations for a walk-a-thon. yaa haw! those sales-y once are soooooo challenging! i know lots of schools do them, and i was all geared up to hit up the friends and relatives for it but it's a relief to just ask for donations.

and andie is doing very well at mother's morning out, she walks right in, washes her hands and waves happily at me "bye mommy!" she and a little boy named aiden are apparently two peas in a pod and it's adorable to see them greet each other. the center director recently told me again "andie just cracks me up! do you just laugh all day, does she crack you guys up?" andie is a little chatterbox, i pick her up and she just goes on and on, "mommy, i painted at school, i had a fun time! there's an aiden at my school! he's my friend! i bet he's there tomorrow!" she's started used this phrase "i bet", very cute. and she's known for picking out socks of two different colors.

so, that's us in a nutshell. keep your fingers crossed for that lovely fall weather :)


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