Saturday, September 01, 2007

it's a new day

well, it's been a good week. kieran and andie are both doing really well at their new schools. kieran's a trouper, getting up an hour earlier than he used to for preschool (6:30am, yikes!), learning the new expectations, eating lunch away from home each day, making new friends, becoming more independent. it's awesome. our only glitch is the drop off, but this isn't new for us, kieran has a hard time with goodbyes and he gets upset when we leave but as soon as mom or dad is out the door he is always fine immediately and tells us what a good day he had. and andie is a typical second kid, goes into her room, hugs us goodbye and proceeds to play with playdough, wash her hands a thousand times, paint, play with friends, have a snack, walk outside with her class. after one day in her two year old class we found out they were going to promote her to the three year old class--we're so proud, we have to brag a little! the director said she "cracks the teachers up" and "she talks in paragraphs"-very chatty and fun. so she's doing really well in the new big kid class, there are fewer kids, fewer meldowns, more painting-yay!

and mommy had time to get work done and time to go to target-ALONE!-for the first time in years! while i'm tempted to say i don't know what i'm going to do with myself, i don't dare-there are soooooooo many things i've been waiting to do during this time! first and foremost, photo editing that i'm incredibly behind in doing, but also regular gym visits, catching up with my scrapbooking, or at least printing out recent family photos, painting bookcases and bedframes i haven't had time to paint, organizing and throwing out old toys, purchasing and hanging new artwork, grocery shopping sans kids, researching new cell phone plans, learning to quilt, have a baby, read new books, taking adult ed classes, cleaning the carpets (okay, maybe i'll make aaron do this one).

kids in school, mom gets a break-it's win/win :)


Anonymous Mrs. said...

Having a baby?

1:30 PM  
Blogger Christie Bielss said...

Hmmmmmmm........kind of nonchalent.....anything we should know?????

8:08 AM  
Blogger Dori said...

You just throw that in there? So, will Aaron being staying home mornings with you?

1:50 PM  
Anonymous Liza said...

Yeah, did you think we just wouldn't notice?

3:33 PM  
Blogger joanna said...

ha ha ha!

actually, yes liza, i thought you might not notice! i was testing you, who knew you guys really paid such close attention when i ramble???

no news-i'm just trying to keep you guys on your toes!

and ha ha to you too dori, very funny!

7:27 PM  

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