Wednesday, August 15, 2007

you almost laugh sometimes

so, things have been moving along for us, nothing big, just the usual business of our chaotic household. our brand new five-year-old is still obsessed with power rangers, spiderman, playdates, running around the loop of the house at lightning speed.

and andie seems to be starting some "terrible two" behavior, right on schedule. she's always been independent but she's testing her independence even more these days. i daydream about duct taping her to a wall for even just an hour so i don't have to worry about her getting into anything. her biggest love is to drag the barstools all over the kitchen so she can stand on the counters and get out anything she wants. i'll leave her along for a minute in the family room playing and i return to see her standing on the counter, or climbing the pantry shelves (sadly, she also just learned to open doorknobs this week, time to start using locks). we keep the bathroom door shut now, it started with her casually telling us "my hands are dirty, i need to wash my hands" and we let her. then the bathroom trips got longer and longer and eventually turned into near bathing in the sink--water everywhere, sink full of bubbles, andie chirping away upon being caught "i washing my hands!" her favorite toy is lotion though, a few days ago i suddenly found my angel covered in sublock "i have lotion!" she smiled happily. i groan, tell her she can't do this, she can't play with lotion. "okay!" i wipe the goo from her knees, towel up the puddle from the floor "i made a mess!" andie says, and i tell her "yes, and we don't make messes like this, no more messes andie!" "okay mommy!" i almost laugh during these incidents, when she floods the bathroom and i tell her not to do it, she always says "okay mommy!" so cheerfully. then when i remove her from the scene of the crime she starts screaming-she's so great at telling me what i want to hear but so obviously has no intention of following through.

i finally get the sunblock wiped up and the little voice asks so innocently, "mommy, can i have more lotion?"


Blogger Christie Bielss said...

Too funny! Katie "discovered" suntan lotion in May. She also "discovered", while hiding behind a chair, that the lotion bottle when squeezed can shoot the walls, carpet, furniture and anything else within several feet of it! It's loads of shooting fun....although she said it wasn't as much fun as stomping on the McDonald's ketchup packets...... It really is

1:49 PM  
Blogger joanna said...

let's hope these girls don't get together and share their combined knowledge of writing on walls and shooting lotion with each other....

8:02 PM  

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