Sunday, September 02, 2007


kieran and a couple of his friends have started soccer on friday nights. it's crazy-an hour and half long! man! after working through his first week of kindergarten and getting up way early, the poor kid was nearly falling down by the end of soccer! it was really cute though, all these little kids running in all directions, sometimes actually making contact with the ball.

ready for advice from the coach:

our boy in the lead, yay! only....upon closer inspection, it seems that kieran is oblivious to the fallen boy next to him, as well as the ball behind him and continues running ahead. running to the wrong goal, something he did for about half the game. but most of these little tykes were aiming for the wrong goal, so who's counting?

dad and kier:

andie is incredibly bored by the soccer:

another bored soccer sibling, our buddy julia:

soccer sibling #3, oscar, or"baby oxer"-as andie calls him:

the little ox:


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