Saturday, September 29, 2007

on the mend

ugh. andie is getting over pink eye in both eyes and is nearly better, kieran has a persistent cough, and today i was sick all day with a combination of a migraine and all-over achiness and sore throat head-cold thingy. not fun. i finally took something this evening and am just now feeling okay with light and sound and moving. so that's nice.

but we did get our regular weekend project done. okay, aaron did. come to think of it, he also executed last week's weekend project of re-doing our bathroom. and the brick alongside the driveway. so, today he ran a gas line outside for the gas grill we acquired from a friend a year ago. now that it's ready to go we decided to scrap the old thing and wait for some sweet getting-rid-of-grills deals at the home improvement stores. oh, and speaking of home improvement stores, did i mention that Home Depot is andie's favorite store? yeah, not at all what we expected but the girl loves it. after running a couple errands this morning i was fading fast and needed to head home to rest, kieran decided to hang out with me. aaron asks andie if she wants to go to the store with him, "can we go to Home Depot?" lucky girl, she was in luck. she would come home later, merrily announcing to me "we went to Home Depot!" last week after the bathroom re-do she bragged about getting the faucet with daddy. i suddenly flash to andie as a perky, blonde 20-something jackhammering out concrete in someone's basement, working as aaron's apprentice.

also today, andie got a Barbie type doll. don't get me wrong, she's still totally into the power rangers and cars and trucks, but we happened to be at a toy store and she held both a pregnant Midge doll holding a baby and a creepy looking Hillary Duff figure. she opted for the pregnant doll. we got the thing home and forgot about it for several hours. then, as i was feeling like the living dead and andie was getting restless and aaron was working on the gas line, i remembered the doll and began the process of extricating her from her plastic and wire twisty-tie prison. for the love of pete, children's toys are IMPOSSIBLE to remove from their packaging! why oh why do these things have to be so challenging??? there is nothing worse than on christmas and birthdays when the kids have a million new toys and they have to play with each one right now and mom and dad spend the next two hours sweating, cursing, breaking nails, and cursing some more just to get the stupid things out! anyway, we got the Midge doll out. a bit unnerving though, her big pregnant removable belly, barely contained by her trendy denim mini dress. her tiny pregnant feet in bright pink stilettos. actually, that sounds like every Barbie doll doesn't it? why would a pregnant one wear flats and jeans with a big, giant maternity panel. that would just be silly.


a lovely morning glory:

the whole porch covered in 'em. don't look at the dead mum in the basket. or the drooping hanging baskets. ...or the bad lawn. but hey, check out those morning glories!
i kid you not, andie got into her little jeep and chirped to me, "i'm going to Home Depot!"
another andie shot-like her new haircut?
i love this smile. what a great boy.
with grandpa :)
awww, poor kid, look at those eyes. i know this is black and white, but i can assure you the eyes were definitely pink.


Blogger Donita (Neat) said...

Andie's hair is adorable, Kieran looks so grown up, the morning glories are awesome, I could go on, I haven't seen you in so long! I am glad you all are on the mend. Hope to catch up soon.

7:50 AM  
Blogger Tina said...

I absolutly LOVE your morning glories! So beautiful! I'd spend all of my time on my porch if I had those outside!
I know what you mean about the kids toys being "imprisoned" in the packages! Uuugh! JOe and I both fought with a doll the other day for about 15 minutes to get it all out.. and then the dolls hair is all sewn to a piece of plastic.. and you have to try to cut it out without cutting the hair. It's crazy!
It was nice to see you guys at the hayrack ride!

1:17 PM  

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