Sunday, September 30, 2007

quote of the day

"i gave the kids the little flashlight from your car and somehow they managed to remove parts of the anodized aluminum and coat it in marshmellow."

aaron just informed me of this.

hmmmm. he just showed me the flashlight too and indeed there are parts of the metal that are coming off. aaron says he has no idea how they did it since it's pretty much molecularly bonded to the maglite. and i don't know about the marshmellow part but one entire end of it is covered in that sticker residue stuff that occurs when you remove those pesky price labels from store items. yet another problem with getting things home from the store and then wrestling with said item and spending far too long getting it ready for use (see last post). don't get me started.

anyway, i was compelled to share.


Blogger Erika said...

Love it - quote of the day is a great idea. How about another tomorrow? With two rugrats, you should have plenty of material :)

7:39 PM  

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