Thursday, March 22, 2007

how lovely to be a woman part 2

i got hit on today and i was naked.

kind of.

okay. let me explain.

today i had an appointment for an ultrasound as part of our gameplan to figure out my prolonged, unexplained period. the first time i had an ultrasound of this nature was about three years ago and it was such a foreign experience--they call you back and you undress in a little room with lockers, put your clothes and things into one and hold into the key, wearing a hospital gown. depending on whether you're there for ultrasound or x-ray and depending on what body part will be needed, you might be almost clothed under your gown, or in my case, totally naked. then you walk down a hallway and are suddenly in another waiting room but with other people in various state of dress/undress and gowns. when i first walked in there it was like a strange twilight zone, naked/gowned people flipping through magazines, making small talk, sometimes accompanied my clothed companions. having done this before several time i was oddly not as surprised by the sight, but it was always entertaining when a new person entered the room and either looked startled, or amused, or just laughed when they came through the doors.

so anyway, i'm naked, covered by a gown and tied at my neck and waist in front, and wearing slip on tennis shoes. when i get into the waiting room there's an older gentleman already there and we make some small talk about the weather. a young guy enters in his gown and the other man is called back for his appointment. i don't know if it's because i had been talking before or what, but he strikes up a conversation and before long i learn that he's from Daytona Beach, Florida (why on earth would he be here then???), he road a motorcycle but in the past three years had a bad head injury and lost three friends to motorcycle accidents and won't wide one now. he was there on a doctor's suspicion that his many illness stem from a pinched sciatic nerve. so you see, we're chatting across the room from one another, a few people filter in and out at this time. we're in our gowns. he's a bit rough around the edges but nice.

and just as i'm called for my appointment and i stand up and tell him "good luck", he says quietly, "You should give me your number." i'm so caught off guard and can only say over my shoulder as i walk by, "i'm married."

and as i walk down the hall with the ultrasound tech guy i tell him how funny it was that i just got hit on as i was waiting and really i'm married with two kids. and furthermore, last night when i went out to buy beer i wasn't even carded!

and then the worst part was that we get to the ultrasound room and he mentions something about drinking water and i tell him that i hadn't been informed that i needed to drink water for this kind of ultrasound. so he apologizes and says i'm going to have to fill up on water in the waiting room before we can try the ultrasound. soooooooo, i had to go back to the waiting room with the guy i had just dissed sitting there. aww man. it was okay, we talked a bit more and then he was called back but it was such a funny experience. and to top it off i was called for my appt again and returned to the waiting room a 3RD TIME because my bladder still wasn't full enough ("How much beer did you drink last night?" the tech asked, as i seemed a bit dehydrated or something. and the answer is none if you're interested, i didn't even have one!)

finally got the ultrasound done though. they can't tell you much of anything though, i'll wait for my doctor to interpret it in a week and a half. but the guy was able to mention that a cyst i had before is still there, a little bigger than before, but it's nothing major. unfortunately, not everything shows up on ultrasound so i'll probably be doing exploratory out-patient surgery soon so we can figure it out. fingers crossed.

sorry for the novel, that was way to long. i just wanted to accurately describe my oddball day and getting hit on by this stranger in the twilight zone naked/gown room. weird.


Blogger jacob said...


8:27 AM  
Anonymous Lori B said...

This is so weird and funny.....only you joanna, only you. I wish they would just let you go from gown to exam room.

I use the depo shot, have not had a period since sometime in 2004. It is wonderful!!!!

10:00 AM  
Blogger joanna said...

ha ha, i know-i swear, i feel like "why does this goofy stuff always happen to me??" but at least it makes for good blog material, right?

i tried the depo shot years ago and i wasn't really happy with it-it seemed to effect my mood a lot. but i only got the one shot and didn't continue, i might look into it again. my doctor also talked about mirena, which delivers hormones, so i might think about that too. i don't need it for the birth control part, i need something for hormonal balance. hmmm, we'll see. maybe i'll have to try depo again though, i'll let you know. thanks!

10:59 AM  

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