Saturday, March 17, 2007

two, continued

well, i feel like i should post a little on andie's birthday. in some ways it's hard to believe she's two years old already, we're still calling her "Baby" (and suffering the Dirty Dancing comments from friends!) and we indulge her a bit more than we should. but in other ways it's hard for us to believe she didn't turn two months ago! she plays with the big kids, runs and climbs all over, basically acts like a 4-year-old boy as that's what she's surrounded by on her level all day.

we've enjoyed this past year, growing from relative baby to toddler. andie's personality has been evident from the start but has definitely become more pronounced this year. she's feisty, stubborn, full of drama but loving and in tune with her world. her favorite phrase these days is "No way stinky butt" or "Don't say that!" both of which she loves to say with a little sneer. she cracks us up.

from day one with andie she has kept us on our toes, a non-napping newborn was something i'd never realized could happen until we met her. we still feel like we're always trying to catch up with her, but we wouldn't have it any other way. we are so lucky.

happy birthday baby!


Anonymous Erika said...

Aidan was naming all of the people he loves today and said "...and I love Baby Andie." I reminded him that Andie wasn't a baby any longer - and he said "yeah, she's a tobbler!"

Happy Birthday Tobbler Andie!

8:59 PM  

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