Sunday, March 11, 2007

lovely weather we're having

this weekend was like a dream. it's been so dreary and cold, and well, being winter in the midwest that's about all you can expect. but this weekend we had a nice taste of spring, around 60 degrees, sunny, a nice breeze as opposed to an arctic wind. wonderful. we were outside quite a bit. got the carwashed. played some baseball. ate some popsicles. all in all swell.

and aaron's parents and sister came over saturday night and we made this steak and potato pizza from this month's Better Homes and Gardens. it was awesome, if i do so say myself (and happily, our guests felt the same!). Here's a picture. yum.


Anonymous lori beers said...

This comment is for my husband.

Dear, do you see the picture of Aaron with hose and JOANNA's vehicle parked in front of him?????????

12:29 PM  

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