Sunday, March 18, 2007

new things

things are good, it's sunny outside, aaron and the kids are at a train show this afternoon, i'm getting some work done, thinking about working out (thinking about it should burn at least half the calories itself, i think). i'm starting the book "You: The Owners Manuel" and i have high hopes, i like to know why things work they way they work. one of the best books i've ever read is the book "Take Charge of Your Fertility" by Toni Weschler. this book changed my perception that i should rely on doctors to tell me how my body works, they would often lump me together with every other woman they see and give me generic advice as far as reproductive health. this book literally has changed my life and i'm hoping this new one will do the same.

anyway, something else worth checking out is my brother's blog, The Food Network Addict. while i can't say i watch the food network that frequently it's fun to check out and catch all the gossip!

and lastly, the other day andie and i ventured downtown, in hopes to get a few two year shots, something fun and urban. well, it was simply too cold. we happened to walk by a new little shop and some sweet lollipops caught my eye (and my lens, as you can see below, i took a self-portrait). i was intending to continue walking, despite the tempting treats until i passed another window with huge marimekko canvases. i'm a total sucker for marimekko's unikko print. maybe because i'm finnish. anyway, so we had to check the store out, it's called Jennifer North, and of course it was super cute. they let me take some pictures, andie got to try on necklaces, weave through the ceramic and glass isles (yikes). turns out they had only been open a week, i'm sure they'll do well though, everything is so fun and bright.

and how ironic, literally as soon as i get home and check e-mail, my pal donita had sent a random e-mail telling me i had to check out some flatware and dishes with polka dots , and wouldn't you know, they were the same plates i was looking at a half hour before! crazy.


Blogger Dori said...

You're Finnish?

8:07 AM  
Blogger joanna said...

yep, my mom's dad is Finnish and my mom and sister just went to Finland this past summer to visit the ole homestead. pretty cool.

my mom's mom is Slovanian and on my dad's side i'm german and jewish. my dad's dad left germany at 14 just before things got really bad.

isn't family lineage interesting?

6:12 AM  

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