Wednesday, March 21, 2007

hangin' with the 'hood

our buddy will is over and we just caught the last half of Parenthood. love love love love love that movie. i don't care who you are, this movie rocks and it's entertaining yet dead-on in so many ways. i think i know every word but i could watch it over and over. some quotes:
Tod: Has anyone seen my wife?
Helen: She's still at school. She has cheerleading practice.
Marilyn Buckman: Cool is adorable. Adorable! Why didn't you write us when you had a son?
Larry Buckman: I didn't know myself until a couple of months ago. You see a few years ago, I was living in Vegas with this girl. Show girl. She was in that show 'Elvis On Ice'. Anywho, we drifted apart as people do in these complicated times and then a couple of months ago, she shows up with Cool and tells me "You watch him. I shot someone. I have to leave the country."... That's a parent?
[after his wife just told him she's pregnant with their 4th child]
Gil: Well, great! Let's see how I can screw the fourth one up! Hey, let's have five. Let's have six. Let's have a dozen and pretend they're donuts!
Karen: He likes to butt things... with his head.
Nathan: How proud you must be.


Blogger Donita said...

I also love that movie - one of my fave lines: Tod: "Um...he's been slappin' the salami." I am not sure if "salami" is what he really said, as I only own a video taped TV version! Keanu is great and I think it's Dianne Wiest best performance ever.

8:22 AM  
Blogger Tina said...

I too, love the movie... I love when the Great Grandma comes into the bedroom when they are watching Gary's porn tapes and she says "She needs a man.. NOW!"
(Of course, the dinner preceding that ended up with the lights going out and them bringing the vibrator out thinking it was a flashlight)

11:33 AM  

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