Thursday, March 22, 2007

how lovely to be a woman part 1

this isn't a very fun post but i feel like sharing, as it will lead into my next post.

i've had my period now for over 5 weeks. for any men reading, or those who are squeamish, i apologize for references to my "women's troubles" but personally i'm pretty open and these things don't bother me at all (see recent post about reproductive health book).

so back to bleeding for over a month. on advice from my doctor, and against my better judgement, i've been on a seasonal birth control pill since about november. this is supposed to be hormones that you ingest for three months at a time, taking a break 4 times a year to get a period. the less frequent periods doesn't concern me-if anything from what i heard years ago in a women's studies class, the frequency of periods women in western cultures have versus those in other areas is often much higher and that can be more problematic. so, aaaaaanyway, for years i had migraines while taking the b.c. pill and i still think it's behind the heartburn i've had for about 10 years. but i decided that each month was so painful that i could put up with pill side effects four times a year.

that was until i'd taken the pill for a couple months and one night i forgot to take one. oh well, no big deal i thought. the next morning i took it, about 8 hours later, but my period had already started. and the cramps. and sometimes shooting pains inside. and for three weeks it was horrible. the for the next two it seemed like it would end but still hasn't. today, at day 30 i still had cramping enough to wish i had taken some Alleve.

i finally saw my doctor after some calls and talking to his nurse practitioner who just took notes and nothing much came of it. luckily, we have a plan of action and might be able to get some answers. i'm sure it's nothing big but to just know that there's a reason i feel so icky would be helpful.


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