Friday, November 24, 2006

like new but better...

so who doesn't like a makeover, right?

wednesday night before Thanksgiving my mom came over and we recovered our kitchen chairs. My friend Aracelis had given us these chairs when she got new ones and we've loved the rich dupioni silk striped fabric that was on them and that went so well in our house....but, our children (and okay, maybe we've contributed a bit too) have trashed them. They're still solid chairs but the fabric has been spilled on so many times it was hardly appropriate anymore to ask people to park their derrieres on them, they were gross. I had found some great bold fabric and we wrapped the seats in it and covered them with vinyl. voila! new chairs! and i just love them.


Blogger Donita said...

LOVE the chairs! I can't wait to plop my butt on one : ) The black and white with your red and yellow in the kitchen looks great. Love the Talking Heads song too.

10:42 AM  

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