Monday, November 20, 2006

so we meet again...

doing battle today with my old nemesis. laundry. as i fold clothes i think to myself, i wonder if i could pay some high school kid to come do laundry for me? more than someone to clean the house i would love paying someone to wash, dry, and fold our clothes. and of course roll our socks into little balls. i've found that it is this task that most bothers me. i can be on a roll, washing, drying, folding, the whole nine yards, but for some reason when i get to the whites and i've dried all our socks and i'm pulling them out by the handful it becomes the most hated, tedious thing in the world to have to pair them up and roll them together (trying to keep in mind not to stretch out the tops as every magazine has pointed out to me you should take care not to do). many times my laundry routine will literally grind to a halt as a load of washed and dried whites sits in the dryer, simply waiting for me to rescue it and create space for the next load. but instead i do everything i can think of to avoid opening the dryer and continuing the laundry routine, all because of those stupid socks. yep, i blame socks. darn them, if i could do it i would wear flip flops year round!


Blogger Donita said...

I hear the laundry woes, Joanna! Luckily (well, sort of) mine is in the basement, so out of sight out of mind,until I don't have anymore undies to wear, I realize it's time to do the laundry. I fold laundry while I am watching my favorite TV shows to help pass the time and take my attention away from this "job". Hang in there!

7:17 PM  
Blogger TJ's Momma said...

I SO agree!! I hate the socks. I no longer roll Doug's. I gave up. I used to fold them all back right side out (the are allways inside out) and roll them together (taking care not to stretch the top!). Now I just put his socks in a pile. If the are a color other than white, I match them up.

Here's a question: Why do I continue to hang on to individual socks whose match has been missing for years??

1:29 PM  
Blogger joanna said...

i appreciate the posts, you know, it's funny keri you should specifically site doug's socks, as this morning i realized i don't so much mind the kids' socks, or my own, but aaron's drive me crazy! i almost devoted yet another blog post to it but figured i would sound even crazier. i often will just throw aaron's into a pile and let him figure it out.

and i know what you mean about individual socks-but on a martha stewart note, they're good for putting your arm in and dusting baseboard! or you can dry mop the floors wearing them on your feet. or someday when TJ's older you can make sock puppets! how's that for escaping functional fixedness?

4:56 PM  

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