Sunday, January 06, 2008


* another nice weekend, this one was spent getting andie into a big girl bed, as she's been in her crib until now. she was a little apprehensive when it was time to lay down in it but she did it sunday night and she slept the whole night in it. she was in the middle of the bed and backwards, but she slept. the bed is a cute white four poster bed we got at a friend's garage sale but it's a bit rickety and needs a new coat of paint. and with her new mattress and box spring she sleeps 36 inches off the ground, so we're looking into our furniture alternatives. sadly, everything is pretty pricey and there aren't a lot to choose from around here. anyway, i'll have to post a couple pictures of andie and kieran checking out her new bed.

* i went to volunteer at kieran's school last friday, as i do every friday. it's so sweet watching the kids and a big part of me wishes kieran could stay in kindergarten forever. i would watch the kids as they listened to their teacher and when she would ask a question their little hands would go up and sometimes long after she had called on someone else and moved on, a kid's hand would still be up as he was staring off into space, or distracted by something on the wall. they're so funny, so wiggly and easily distracted. and i love how kieran and the other boys in his class can still give each other hugs.

* saw juno with erika and some other girls this weekend. totally awesome. loved it. never a dull moment, it was so good. go see it.

* i'm suddenly really into holiday decorations. kind of crazy since they're over,but it's almost as if now that the chaos has lifted, i can actually devote some attention to some cute christmas wreath ideas and craft projects. i guess i could start some things for next year but that seems goofy and being as organized as i am (not) i will most likely lose them and not be able to find them next year. this year we had no hanging stockings as we had squished a lot of our junk out of the way to start framing our basement. i looked all over for our stockings before xmas and in the end we bought cheap discount ones on christmas eve. of course, the day after xmas i find out stockings in the basement, quite accessible and in view under that stairs. oh well.

* today was awesome, didn't even need a jacket for most of the day. how can it be about 6 degrees one day and in the 60's the next??? i don't know, i don't care, and i don't want it to end.

well, that's enough random stuff i guess :)


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