Thursday, November 15, 2007

"I couldn't even think about knowing how to answer that question."
~The Royal Tennenbaums

right now i'm sitting in panera, trying to "work" but i've got The Royal Tennenbaums playing in a background screen and don't seem to be getting much done. hmmmm.

anyway, things have been pretty good. as a mother at kieran's school said yesterday, "it's been an especially long fall". we were watching the kids roll down a hill next to the school. they were having such a great time, gorgeous leaves all over, 60 something degree weather. in the middle of october it was still in the 90's, so it's been nice to have trees still so full of colors and somewhat mild temperatures.

andie's been working on those terrible twos, which i often feel are worse around three years old so i'm hoping it doesn't get worse. yesterday she opened the pantry, pulled out a box of cereal and then when i asked if she wanted me to pour her a bowl of it, she cried, "NO! NOT THAT CEREAL!" and wailed and screamed and kicked and yelled. as if i had been the one to pull out the offending box. she wakes up and instantly smiles sweetly, cocks her head to the side and says, "i want to have candy!" right. the old candy for breakfast deal. because that happens all the time. right. then the tantrum ensues.

kieran had picture day at school, he wore a red and white Hawaiian shirt he'd never worn before. i thought it would be fun. after school he said to me, "mom! the kids loved my shirt!" "they did?" i asked, "did they tell you that?" "no, " he said, "they just smiled at it!" what a goof. and later i told aaron about our exchange and so he asked kieran about it. again kieran said how much all the kids liked his shirt. "did they tell you that?" aaron asked. "no!" kieran exclaimed happily. so who knows? and when we asked him to show us his picture smile he broke out in what he called his biggest smile, one of those garish, kids smiles that's all teeth and open so wide his eyes were shut. ...i'm kind of hoping it really looks like that too. our goofball in a bright red and white Hawaiian shirt, eyes pinched closed and showing every tooth in his head. that's our kindergartener :)

meanwhile i've been working on a new obsession. i don't know why but i've decided i need a new perfume. i don't usually even wear perfume. but blame it on a magazine with a quiz in finding "your perfect scent" and suddenly i decided i did need my perfect scent. so, i went to bath and body works and dragged my friend dori with me. we spritzed and sprayed and finally i decided on Moonlight Path. but i got it home and quickly determined just by smelling the cap outside of the store that it really wasn't my perfect scent and i exchanged it for Velvet Tuberose. then the same evening that i brought it home i sprayed it on, i was at a neighborhood function and sitting next to my galpal erika and i asked her if she could smell the perfume. no. darn it. i moved a little closer on the couch to her. nothing. finally she said when i waved my arm in front of her face she thought she could smell it. geez. it would be swell of Velvet Tuberose were my scent but i really can't see flapping my arms in front of people just so they can admire my lovely fragrance.

then last friday aaron's sister liz babysat for us so that we could go on a date. i had looked up the times for three movies. we chose one and then drove to the theater, got out and started on our way and decided we really didn't feel like a movie after all. so we got back in the car and went to the mall. we stopped at The Body Shop and aaron sweetly smelled all their perfumes with me and he bought me one that smelled lovely, something 'jasmin'. then we split up and i bought three more bottles of perfumes at the gap. i didn't tell aaron, sssshhhh. then i brought them with me to a girlfriends' and made everyone smell them. i'm telling you, i have a problem.

lastly, the other day erika and her kids were over and aidan and kieran ran out to get the mail after it was delivered. there was a small package and i said, "oh good! it's the perfume i ordered!" "another one?" erika asked. well, in my defense, i ordered it before aaron and i went to the mall and i came home with four bottles. it's Estee Lauder "Pleasures" and it's delicious. i didn't even detail the various trips to the mall previously in which i smelled all the perfume suggestions from the perfect scent quiz. i wrote them down and kept the list in my pocket, smelled them at the mall and then narrowed it down to Pleasures and ordered a small one on eBay.

anyway, i'm hoping that i'm almost done with this whole perfume thing. it's harder than i thought too--finding the perfect one, spraying just enough on that it lingers and i don't have to wave my arms around to detect it, but not so much that i smell like the Bath and Body Works store. i'm getting there.

and i'll bet you anything that by january i'm not even wearing my perfect scent anymore. it's always something though, isn't it?


Anonymous mrs.b said...

i went for sweet pea and grapefruit. i'm a little fruity anyway so the grapefruit is probably my perfect scent. mr.b thinks cool waters is my perfect scent

7:06 PM  
Anonymous Mr. B. said...

I've always liked Pleasures. Although what my wife picked out smells nice also.

8:26 AM  
Anonymous heather said...

I don't think I've ever shopped for perfume. I wouldn't even know where to start...didn't you get a massive headache smelling???

8:42 AM  
Blogger joanna said...

mrs b--i used to wear cool water! i think they make a unisex one now (as i spent hour upon hour in the perfumes), but i wore the men's one. it seemed fine for women...i think. i have some sweet pea body wash i love but now that it's almost gone i feel like i need to try something different. i think i like change and need something new.

mr b--i'm actually loving the Pleasures! and it seems to linger longer than anything else i bought, so that's a bargain. and how do you know so much about fragrances??? mrs b-i think next time i'm taking you both with me!

heather-this was really my first time! it was crazy! i spent about an hour in the gap and kept apologizing to the girl at the counter nearby because i kept spraying little cards or random spots in the air with various scents. after awhile i had to move into other parts of the store because it was so fragrant and so many different perfumes. the girl was like "oh no problem! you're fine!" because of course she has to say that and she's hoping i drop $100 on perfumes. she was like, "there was a woman in here earlier for almost an hour spraying things all over." i'm like hello? that's basically me. ...i'm sure she complained about me to her co-coworkers later. oh well. i did buy three bottles. it was buy one get one free :)

9:26 AM  
Blogger Tina said...

I'm getting a headache just reading about it!!

Okay.. so can I just tell you.. the incident with the cereal, the candy and Andie.. that's my house every morning! I swear! Eve takes something out.. when I go to prepare it, she freaks out on me saying that it's not what she wanted! AAAHH! I'm like.. "you're eating it now!!" You'd think she'd learn sooner or later. And I can't tell you how many times we have tried to have candy for breakfast!!

9:07 PM  
Blogger Erika said...

You crack me up with your mini-obsessions :)

11:17 PM  
Blogger Jodi said...

Joanna, you crack me up. You'll have to share once you've found the perfect scent! Admittedly I did this same thing about a year ago...I was stuck on Philosophy 'baby something'. In any case, I thought it smelled great...when I realized no one noticed it though I stopped wearing it. I still have the bottle in my cabinet. So much for buy something for me.
Good luck on your search!

11:46 AM  
Blogger Jodi said...

For what it is worth; I was watching QVC last night after I posted. They had Philosophy on, and the perfume I was talking was Baby Grace. But they also have Amazing Graze as well that smells so great. I almost bought a different Philosophy perfume but opted for lip gloss instead :)

5:21 AM  
Anonymous Mr. B. said...


I used to wear the men's version of both Cool Water and Pleasures.

8:04 AM  

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