Friday, January 04, 2008


the children are back in school and all is right with the world.

being the new year and all, it would seem wise to have a resolution or something. hmmmmm. of course i have all the same old standbys as every year: get organized. tame my muffin top. eat healthier. try to get over my eternal love for tom petty. put myself first once in a while. visit friends we haven't seen in ages. finally defeat the laundry monster.

but man, i have no willpower. and while there is something motivating to having a public blog and putting it out there, it still doesn't last long for me. and then there's something really crappy about making a big show of it all and then within weeks admitting the closet i finally "properly" organized is in danger of swallowing me when i open it or i haven't made it to the gym since '07.

so, i'm not resolving anything. because i don't want to feel guilty when it doesn't work out. i'll have a few small goals i can keep to myself and that way maybe i can pleasantly surprise myself when i reach one of them, but otherwise it seems so futile.

because seriously-get over tom petty? ain't never gonna happen.



Blogger Christina said...

Hey Joanna!! Happy New Year!

Despite your cards getting out late, it was beautiful! And those kids of yours...too cute for words!

You've been tagged so check out the "rules" at my Surviving At blog. Of course, you've probably already played along but...oh well!

2:10 PM  

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