Thursday, November 29, 2007

discussions with andie

today 8:45 am

driving andie to school. she's telling me a random story.

"mommy, i stayed in a hotel one time."
"oh yeah?"
"yeah, i stayed in a hotel with my friend ryan. ryan who plays hockey."
"oh, your cousin ryan?"
"yeah, who plays hockey. and i got a shot once in the hotel."
"you mean the doctor's office?"

we did go up to watch cousin ryan play hockey but none of us stayed at the hotel and she certainly didn't received any vaccinations there. but god forbid i correct her.

today, 12:30pm

i had called my buddy erika on the way home from picking andie up from her little school. i asked her if she and baby "oxer" wanted to join us for lunch. unfortunately, the timing wasn't going to work out with oscar napping and me picking up kieran from school. oh well.

and then just a second ago at home andie asks me, "is erika coming over for lunch? and oxer?"
"no," i said, "oscar's sleeping, they can't come over."
"nope, he's at school."
"bud?" she asks desperately, hoping maybe their dad might be available.

she just loves having company, the goofball.


i have TLC on right now and the intro for "A Baby Story" came on and they show a teeny newborn for a split second.

"who is that baby mommy?"
"i don't know the baby's name honey."
"uh, timmy. his name is timmy."
"timmy's a cute baby. what's his mommy's name."
"i don't know."
"uh. mary."

on t.v., in magazines, anywhere she sees people, i am required to identify them on the spot. should that be impossible, i have to pull a name out of thin air and bestow it upon them at a moment's notice.

it's like having an evil, irrational boss at times.

sometimes during these moments i do indeed think that should i return to the working world, this quick thinking may benefit me greatly. i've definitely thought that there are skills i've honed as a mother that would be useful in the workplace. patience, getting along with difficult personalities, heavy lifting, delegating, managing, leading by example, patience, troubleshooting, creativity, working under pressure, did i mention patience?



Blogger Erika said...

ROFL - that girl is hilarious! I hope you got a shot of her today with that big banana leaf when she was sans clothes :)

4:28 PM  
Blogger Dori said...

...banana leaf?

Both my kids went through that stage where they would get so mad at me for not knowing something that there was no way I could know. Cooper might still be in it. It never actually occurs to me to just make something up. You're smart. I would always get into these stupid arguments where I'm trying to convince an irrational kid that there is no way I could know the answer, getting all hot and frustated myself.
Kes would also get really mad at me if I said I didn't remember something she asked me if I remembered (of course something that happened when I wasn't even there). "YES, MOMMY - REMEMBER??!!" I would sometimes try to just say "yeah, I remember", but then the girl would quiz me on it and I'd get caught. Just can't win, I tell you.

9:51 PM  
Anonymous Tina said...

She got a shot at the hotel? Maybe she means that she TOOK a shot???!! LOL

I love it! I'm forever trying to explain how I couldn't possibly know something, like Dori.. I get frustrated.. today I even asked Evie if she poured blonde hair color into her shampoo... she totally didn't get it.. but I think she did get the idea that I was calling her loopy LOL

11:32 PM  

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