Tuesday, January 22, 2008


i'm sick.

i don't know if i'll make it off the couch. and sadly, yesterday was worse. by afternoon i was miserable, body aches, tingly, and a chest-burning cough that came from out of nowhere. PTL (that's 'praise the Lord' for you that are not in-the-know, as i was until erika so sagely informed me) for my neighbor and buddy, erika, who took my children for several hours so that i could rest without venturing to fill cups, find lost toys, put on movies, make snacks and overall care for them myself. not only does she inform me of all the cool web-lingo kids these days use, she parents my children on a moment's notice with no thought to her wee, healthy six-month-old 'oxer' or kieran's BFF aidan.

everyone needs an erika. another friend rang me up this morning and as i croaked, "hello?" she croaked in response. luckily, she is mostly over-tired from being up all night with her sick daughter and isn't too sick herself really (honestly, can you call that lucky?) but she too said that if i had been in a bind i was more than welcome to drop my kids with her for a day. awwww. it's times like these that moms rally, they cook meals for another when one has a new baby, they offer babysitting when someone is sick. just yesterday a mother from my moms group lamented the fact that while her husband hasn't been feeling well in the morning so he got a little extra sleep. meanwhile, she toted her 3 boys to the youngest's 4-month check-up, one of whom has special needs and tends to run away from her. sheeeeeesh. as she tells me this we commiserate over the lack of "sick days" moms get and how hard it is to balance it all (meanwhile she's feeding the baby and someone informs her that she is needed in the bathroom for another assistance with an older boy. aaahhhhhh!)

anyway, back to erika and my lovely friends. i am so fortunate to have such a network of women who come through in a crisis. my mother was insanely busy, as always, but gave me more than the requisite amount of mommy sympathy-stopping just short of offering to take potentially germ-riddled children to her house. i didn't eat yesterday and developed a migraine on top of it all, but as weak and exhausted as i feel today, i think i'm actually in the up-swing.

so, to conclude, i'd like to publicly thank erika for having my children all afternoon and then letting aaron and the kids eat at their house for the evening, it certainly saved me a bit of sanity and i think i'm a little less croaky because of it :)


a holiday family photo from happier (healthier) days:


Blogger Erika said...

Always glad to help a friend out - that's what we're for :) BTW - I forgot to tell you about Andie's comment the other day. I must have been changing Oxer's clothes and she so keenly observed "Oxer has little baby neeples!" LMAO.

8:28 PM  
Blogger Caleb & Olivia's Mom said...

I hope you are feeling better! Can I borrow Erika tonight :)

5:39 PM  

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