Thursday, June 28, 2007

man, someone has to stop my from staying up so late. every night. i'm sure it has something to do with finally having some time to get work done, not having the kids jumping all over me, being able to relax with the laptop in a quiet house, but i am sooooo tired!

and i don't know why but i end up turning the t.v. on and watching the craziest shows. typically, it's discovery health, i don't know why but i'm drawn to the freaky medical stuff. i remember being mesmerized by the video of a facelift in anatomy class in high school, convinced it was a sign i was meant to be a doctor. until i remembered that i have no interest in science, no desire to go to school for that long, and no real ambition in that direction. where was i? anyway, i watch these crazy shows, anything from "The Girl Who Turned to Stone" about the incredibly rare condition in which an individual's body literally calcifies and becomes rigid skeleton, to my new favorite, "Medical Mysteries." the other night i finally turned the lights, t.v., and laptop off after 1 am when the next show promised lots of fun stories about impact and people who have been impaled with one sharp thing or another. and do you really think i can just drop off to dreamland after that? fat chance. i lay awake, thinking about how crazy it is a guy can somehow get a tree branch impaled in his neck and seem completely coherent and normal.

i think i need to start watching little house on the prairie or something. i need help.


Blogger Dori said...

Welcome to my world!

Have you been having more caffeine lately?

I know we pay for it the next day, but isn't it kind of fun?

9:46 PM  
Blogger Donita said...

Little house is on 2p and 3p each day on Hallmark channel. They've started over from the beginning, so they are the really good ones with Nelly and Mrs. Olesen. I try to catch an episode a week. My latest is watching Animal Rescue type shows on Animal Planet - I cry every time.

Rob doesn't understand when I stay up late...aren't you tired? Yes, but it's so quiet and no one's gonna bug me! I am totally with ya, babe.

7:15 AM  
Blogger joanna said...

that's funny about LHOTP donita, thanks for the schedule! maybe i'll DVR it! but i'd probably stay up til 1am watching 'em!

i don't know what happened, i used to be a morning person and aaron was the night owl. now he's asleep by 10 and i'm wide awake. go figure.


7:04 PM  

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