Sunday, June 10, 2007

i love you amber. a friendly stylist/client, platonic way, of course

yesterday i almost threw a little fit. it was about my hair. okay, so my hair is short, and is has been now for a couple years. i've mostly had short hair but then after i had kieran i started growing it out and it was the longest it's ever been (if you look in the comments sections, my avatar shows this). then after i had andie i was sick of blowing it dry all the time and dealing with it and went through that new-mom-must-chop-my-hair-short phase many women experience. and it's been short now for two years now. it's a love/hate relationship, as i pretty much have to blow dry it, but it's pretty quick and i enjoy having a "style" to my hair, unlike when it was long, one length and was either always in a ponytail or just there.

so, thursday i went to the pool for the first time this season and i think this was the start of my tailspin. add that to the fact that my hair is even a bit shorter recently, and aaahhh! i can't even say i looked like a blonde bozo the clown with accuracy as it wasn't really curl per se, but as my hair was wet and the wind whipped it dry, it was blonde fluff/frizz poked out on all directions. it wasn't attractive and when you're already wearing your bathing suit your body is on display enough. so, unable to get the image out of my head and suddenly frustrated by the totally un-summery hairstyle i'm sporting, i called my stylist yesterday morning groaning and whining, "I think I need a trim but I also need to grow my hair out, this style isn't working. And the worst thing is the color-I've highlighted it so much that it's so bleached out but the roots grow in looking so ugly and dark!" (it wasn't a proud moment for me, but i was having a low hair moment, we all have them, right girls?)

my stylist, amber, is a gem. i've been going to her for about 10 years, we're the same age but she has two more marriages than i under her belt. i was a bridesmaid in wedding #2 and i recall that the instructions for the makeup artist were, "Make us look like strippers." and damn if i didn't look awesome! amber has been there for me through all my hair ups and downs, advising me as to what next hair move to make, being the voice of reason when i declare i want golden blonde (a la Jessica Simpson) as opposed to the wheat/ash blonde of norm (a la Gwyneth Paltrow) (although this was the one time i insisted she do what i ask, and right before my wedding no less, and she did it, shaking her head the whole time, and wouldn't you know it-my head looked like pee. didn't suit me AT ALL. wish i had listened. she tactfully told me right before the wedding, "I think we should give you some other tones" and tried to minimize the damage before the big day but the combination of the yellow blonde and my skin tone-not good.) amber has also been the voice of reason when i call her in a panic (yes, this happens more times than i'd like to publicly admit here) saying, "Amber! My hair is falling out! Everytime I shower, every time I touch it! Hair all over!" my calm, collected, stripperish buddy simply asks, "You've been wearing it curly lately, right?" "Yeah, almost every day." "Well, when you wear it curly, you don't brush it, do you?" "Well no, not when it's curly." "When you where it straight you brush it though, and all that hair that comes out in your brush from normal hair loss is brushed out. That's not happening when you wear it curly, so it's just normal hairloss that's not being brushed out." we should all have an amber! the poor girl has stood by my well i make her swear not to let me cut my hair so i can grow it out, and then later insist that it's okay, she can let me cut my hair off again, this time i "really need a change and have to have short hair!!!" and so on and so on and so on. i'm starting to think i need to start a wig collection....

so amber got me in that day, worked her magic and i love my hair again. two friends happened to be at the salon and nodded their approval after my transformation and i feel like a new woman! she actually didn't trim it, but foiled it and it's got some darker blonde and brown shades that suddenly seem so much more flattering to my skin tone, and after she styled it i knew she was right-it's a great short haircut that i just need to work on. i can't really expect to go to the pool and have the wind dry my hair into perfection, can i?

anyway, i think i just mostly needed a little pep talk and a little pick-me-up color, and it totally hit the spot. i just love having amber, it's always last minute when i call her, or there was a time (okay, okay, times plural, it was more than once) when i called her in a panic, fresh from coloring my own hair only to have it turn into what they call in the industry "chic fuzz" and i know this all to well. amber has literally opened the salon early to save my head and come to my rescue. in her dry, quiet way she rolls her eyes and when i tell her, "This is the last time, I swear" she laughs and insists she knows it won't be and a smile back, both of us knowing i get way too tempted by those gorgeous hair models on the Clairol box and will inevitably be unable to resist an instant makeover for a mere $6.99. but seriously, could you? could anyone??? and is it my fault i like change? why do the same thing over and over? and when you know you have someone reliable to fix it if something should happen, it's just too anyway, she's my stylist, my personal hair coach, my voice of reason, my hero.

now i just need to find my new pedicurist best friend!


Blogger Donita said...

I can't wait to see it!

10:18 AM  
Blogger Christie Bielss said...

Too funny! I have the "wave" problem with my hair - my hair is naturally wavy and after swimming it stands up and waves to all passers-by! My stylist told me to reach up and scrunch my hair often while it's drying at the pool - it still looks crazy - but it does make it look a little more like controlled-crazy (is that a word?)! You're hair looks mahvelous dahling!

7:10 AM  

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