Thursday, June 14, 2007

sigh of relief. i finally have a minute to sit down. it has been the absolute craziest week. my sister has been staying with us since last friday as our parents are celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary in paris. they've e-mailed to say they've had a great time, done tons of walking, experienced several amazing art museums, etc. it sounds lovely and i'm only a little jealous. ....okay a lot, but i did get to go photograph the Miss Atwood pageant last weekend and how many people can say that?

in any case, we've all had an incredibly busy week and in playing surrogate "mom to pre-teen girl" this week i have driven hundreds of miles to activities, events, classes, and playdates, while julie boldly changed the radio every five seconds complaining about the lack of good music (hello?? what about that great Talking Heads song you just passed???) aaahhhh, to be twelve going on twenty. she's awesome though, so sweet and the kids love her to pieces.

i'm in the process of hiring a babysitter for a couple afternoons a week so i can get some work done, just last week the babysitter i was about to hire e-mailed at the last minute to back out. so back to the drawing board. i have someone else i've corresponded with and we'll hopefully meet her in a few days-keep your fingers crossed! it's hard not to spend too long on the computer while the kids play, i really need to have quality work time and quality family time and right now it's just all mixed up and i'm not giving enough to either one. and that's not fair.

soooooo, i need a vacation. actually, our family could really use one. aaron's just swamped himself right now, we take turns complaining about how busy we both are. in watching julie recently when my parents visited our brother jacob in virginia and then now, they will watch our kids so that aaron and i can go somewhere. i have absolutely no idea where we might go, i am definitely open to suggestions (hint, hint!) nothing too expensive-it's hard being self-employed, it's not like there's vacation time, we'll spend money going on a trip, but then it's like spending it twice, as aaron misses out on that time when he would be working and earning. but i tell ya, we're getting out of town as soon as possible!

i hope to post something more fun next time, tomorrow i drive julie to o'hare to meet up with our parents and they're all flying out to North Carolina for a wedding. the fun just never stops around here :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I say road trip to Graceland! Or a quiet weekend in Galena IL. Stay at a B&B go wine tasting, hiking... Or if you want to go bigger Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I've heard great things and that's next on my list for a lazy vacation....if I can ever get one myself.


2:19 PM  
Blogger joanna said...

how ironic, i was just saying to aaron that we should go to galena! our family went when i was a kid-i threw up for half the weekend after getting car sick, but other than that i remember it was really pretty. might be on to something.

and i hadn't thought of graceland! great idea! i love elvis! in high school i started to run away from home and headed to graceland. i got two hours south and headed home. but graceland is definitely a possibility.

and puerto vallarta is supposed to be gorgeous! i too have heard great things. i have no fun stories for this one...

aaron and i are considering a family trip and a trip just the two of us, i could see this being awesome for aaron and i, and maybe galena or something like that for the fam.

thanks commando, you rock!!

8:52 PM  
Blogger Becki said...

I can't tell you anything about Graceland but I hear that Nashville is pretty fun.

I have also heard that both Galena and Puerto Vallarta are beautiful (in different ways, of course).

I don't have anything to suggest (Mike and I being the very vacation-y people we are!) but we went to Ocracoke, NC when I was pg with Nora. It was lots of fun. We rented a little house and bikes. It was pretty reasonable but we went in April though - off season.

Have fun, whatever you do!

9:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Louisville is kind of nice as well. Slugger Museum. Glass Blowing factory/museum. Churchill Downs.

Mr. B.

11:06 AM  
Blogger joanna said...

wow, i'm excited about the suggestions, and they're much appreciated, thanks :)

all i know is if we don't take a break sometime we're going to go crazy!

i'll keep you guys posted if we ever find that elusive free time and head to one of these places, thank you!

5:33 PM  

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