Wednesday, June 20, 2007

how does one accidentally fire her babysitter, you ask

so, i'm going to move on to finding babysitter #3. sigh.

first babysitter was studying abroad in italy last semester, i corresponded through e-mails with her, checked references, was impressed with her childcare experience-she was even qualified to teach the kids swimming lessons! we were setting up a meeting when she would be on campus, when suddenly a red flag appeared as she mentioned that she needed to meet with me before she returned home to the 'burbs. hmmmm.... when asked when she was going to be here permanently i finally get a Dear John letter from her, telling me that she won't be on campus after all this summer as it turns out. cripes. on to babysitter #2, originally my first choice but she's only here for the summer and i couldn't use her during the school year. oh well, she sounded very responsible, worked with special needs children, and is studying arabic this summer-my kids could become bilingual! i hire her before asking the big question: "So, what time is this class you're taking this summer?" it's everyday from 10am-3pm. hello??? where does that leave morning or afternoons available? i was going to give it a try this week from 3:30-5:30 but what happened was yesterday kieran went to camp, my mom watched andie while i tortured myself at the gym, then at 2pm my lovely, charitable neighbor watched the kids so i could take photos, then as soon as i'm done and my kids have already been shuffled all over the babysitter arrives. the timing is just not going to work. sooo, i told her, "I think I'm going to have to find another babysitter." which only later did i realize probably sounded like i was firing her, but in actuality i was only saying that i was going to look for an additional babysitter. i was still interested in having her as an option, or evenings, but i think i accidentally fired her.

so. that's where things stand. a friend has given me a reference for a young, high school girl who she uses for her three kids and is looking for babysitting this summer. please keep your fingers crossed. i waited for the first one to return from italy, then i waited for the second to move to campus, needed someone to help me out a month ago and yet here i am. babysitter-less. two babysitters gone and my kids haven't even had a fair shot at running 'em out of the place!


Anonymous Mrs. B said...

look on the bright side, at least you only need 1 sitter. If my sister and hubby want to go anywhere they have to find at least 2, and sometimes 3, for their 5 kids.

3:44 PM  

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