Tuesday, June 19, 2007

what a.....fun day


someone almost killed me today. we'll call that someone tony, because that's his name. for some reason i decided to would be a fun thing to try out the fitness trainer at the gym. i met with tony for a consultation about two weeks ago. turns out we went to high school together, we made some small talk. he was fairly low-key and earnest, but i laughed out loud at him as he said, "I'll work you hard. A lot of people say they feel like they're going to throw up after our sessions." i thought he was joking, but you know, he was totally serious as he said those words.

i met tony this morning at 9am, having just attended body pump yesterday morning. yes, i am a glutton for punishment. it started out easy, as we did a complete circuit of about a dozen different machines and three ab exercises on the floor. early on i said something to him about worrying that he was going to kill me with cardio, something i dread and literally turn purple from when i overdo it. no, he said, it's just the machines. so it was a little tough, but do-able. then i walked briskly on the treadmill for three minutes, a drink, then back for round 2. now, it didn't seem intimidating until i started the first machine of the second set and i swore to tony the weight must have been increased behind my back. as we continued i got slower, and slower, and s l o w e r.....and i seriously did envision myself spraying vomit all over tony. my stomach felt crazy. and every muscle was just completely fatigued. despite a brief extra water break in the middle of a set, i finished. although tony admitted that often there's a third set, he did say that he will do two just starting out. halleluia. pretty much every muscle is sore, my quads, my triceps, my abs, my butt, my hamstrings. it's not quite as bad as the nancy/body pump fiasco but i don't think i'm going to make body pump tomorrow.

hey, and speaking of butt, it is definitely kieran's favorite word these days. we're so proud. he liked to use it in everyday conversation, you know, like, "Okay mommy butt."

earlier this evening aaron and i had some PBS show on (i had to throw in the PBS part so you'd think we're intellectual and smart) and it went something like this:

kieran: what is that place?
me: that's scotland.
kieran: is that like butt-land?

and a lot of laughing ensued. on his end, aaron and i have heard it waaaaaay to much to be amused. it's sad to hear ourselves whisper tersely to him, "Kieran! We are in a restaurant! No more saying butt!"

and fine! i admit it, we were only watching PBS because it's in HD. sheesh, are you happy? we're not classy people okay!


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