Sunday, February 11, 2007

6 and 6

well, i've been tagged by stephanie and challenged to share 6 weird things about myself and then 6 things that make me happy....hmmmm...i'm going to not repeat some of the crazy things i already mentioned about myself in this post. particularly #1,2,9,24,25,and 34. amongst others. this is hard....

okey dokey then, here goes my weirdness:

  1. Cinnamon gum burns my tongue. I don’t know why (my mom says she’s had the same problem). I thought it was as fluke the first time, my tongue was raw on the sides but the next time I had cinnamon gum the same thing happened. Crazy…
  2. Sometimes when I’m thinking about someone’s name or phone number I trace the numbers or letters with my index finger imperceptivity.
  3. Sometime I talk to myself. I think I do it to help myself remember things, that’s usually when I find I say something softly but out loud—I have a *really* bad short term memory, many friends can attest to this.
  4. I hate to put on lotion. I know I should especially this time of year, my skin has to almost crack for me to break down and slather some on.
  5. I’ve always wanted to wear a man’s tie. I don’t know why. It’s something visual I think (let’s not read too much into this). I just love the vertical line of a tie. And J.Crew has such cute preppy ones…
  6. I can't stand filing my nails. Just the feel of the file against my fingernails gives me goosebumps, must be the texture. Can't stand it. I'm a clipper girl and that's it.
and the 6 things that make me happy:

1. I love people. I'm a people person, I love meeting new people, talking to people, listening to people, photographing people, I love when people I know meet and get along with other people I know. I once saw a quote that went something like "I am a part of everyone I've ever met" and this is exactly how I feel.
2. My kids laughing or happy, really, there is nothing better.
3. When I get a magazine in the mail, yay! Got Real Simple today, color me happy.
4. Hashbrown casserole. Sooooo not healthy, lots of cheese, sour cream, the works but definite comfort food, potluck favorite, great for eating breakfast lunch and dinner if you have leftovers (yes I've done this),
5. My brand new Pampered Chef 12" skillet and saute pan--love them! You'd think I work for them the way I talk this cookware up, it's DuPont, totally non-stick inside and out and I tell ya, nothing sticks to this stuff! It's opened up a new world of cooking for me-meaning I actually cook now!
6. The drive-in. I so wish there were more of these, the Harvest Moon is just one of the best places ever to spend a summer night. Even the overpriced concessions make the evening golden.

aaaahhhhh, done! not too painful i guess!

time to tag, it's all you Dori,Donita, Amy,Tina,Darcie,and Camille.

it's a fun challenge!


Blogger Aprill said...

I love the 6 weird things. We all have 'em, but it's fun to hear someone else's. =)

6:49 AM  

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