Tuesday, February 06, 2007

well, not improving much on the health front. i don't want to wallow in it or anything but i have pink eye in both eyes though i barely even think about that. i'm also still seriously congested, coughing junk up, feeling tired.....nights are horrible, i'm taking nyquil and then awaking around 3am feeling disgusting, my nose completely clogged, a layer of slim covering my lips from breathing through my mouth all night, and my eyes crusted over unable to open. yep, i'm not fit for human companionship right now.

which is just as well, it's a veritable blizzard out there. it's been ungodly cold out for several days and then today it's been snowing like crazy all day. it's actually pretty beautiful. and my feeling is, if it's going to be -2 degrees outside, it might as well snow. makes you feel all cozy inside. i have the urge to bake something.

kieran's also a little under the weather. he woke up sunday in the middle of the night with an ear infection. he's doing much better and was back to school today.

andie just used the potty for the second time, yay! i don't think she really realized she had gone, which happened the first time as well, but we make a big deal of it and give her a treat. it's crazy that she's not quite two and interested in the potty, it took kieran so long to get potty trained and he had no interested until long after he was three. i'm not putting any pressure on andie though, just as with kieran i'm going to follow her lead and let her figure it out.


Blogger Tina said...

Sorry you are still feeling miserable :o( I'm so glad you have those new eyeglasses now that you have pink eye!!! No way could you have worn your contacts, you'd be blind as a bat, girl!
The snow is beautiful today.. we got out into it for about 45 minutes today.. it didn't feel as cold as it has been.. I'm sure it was just because we had huge snowsuits on. I hope you feel better soon! And congrats to Andie on the potty! Girls just always become interested faster... Evie was early, too. I hope Kieran feels better!

3:33 PM  
Blogger joanna said...

i would definitely be blind! i was SO happy that i had these new glasses! and thanks for helping me choose them, i get lots of compliments :)

yes, we'll see about the potty, you're right about girls vs boys, i'm a little more hopeful with andie this time but once kieran was ready he really didn't ever have accidents so i'm willing to be patient!

5:45 PM  

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