Saturday, January 13, 2007

love overstock, the show house, new beds, and olive oil

it's so nice to rest for a bit. just watching house, snuggling under our new down comforter (thank you overstock). the only thing that would make it even better is if our new bed had been delivered. thank you to trish for convincing me that it was a good idea after almost ten years with the same caving-in bed to get a new one. aaron and i never went shopping for our bed in the first place, we bought the set from a family friend brand new (but pretty low quality) intended for an apartment unit he owned. it was so fun laying on these awesome new beds and determining the best one. can't wait now!

yesterday i did some projects around the house, i'll have to post pictures when they're all done. at one point while i was in another room i forgot andie had been having some pudding in the kitchen. the next thing i know she's telling me she's "all done" and she is covered head to toe in chocolate pudding. and there's pudding in the carpet. and on our family room chair. i couldn't be too upset, first, she was pretty cute, and second, i should have been watching her like a hawk with something that messy. lesson learned.

then at least three times throughout the day she stripped her clothes off plus diaper and would run through the house yelling "i'm a nakey butt!" then late afternoon she again took all her clothes off and as i was going to retrieve a new diaper for her i heard her yelling "help me kieran! help me kieran!" she sounded really upset. and for some reason whenever she needs help she first goes to kieran, it's kind of cute. i was immediately in the family room and found that my naked daughter's arm was completely stuck up to the elbow in a toy. i should say that this toy has been a "problem" before. at one point there was a fork with mashed potatoes stuck in it that aaron had to unscrew to get out. it's hard to explain but it has several small plastic balls and when you push down on this plunger thing it shoots air through some tubes and the balls are blown through the tube and then around some maze like stuff (i told you it was hard to explain and i don't think it really makes a difference anyway). anyway, i could see her hand and arm as the hard, molded tube was clear and i was a little worried because the tube curved like a letter U and there wasn't an easy way to ease her arm out. and her arm was stuck pretty well and was getting red. i called aaron but he was on the other end of town, a friend wasn't home, my dad told me to try to pour some olive oil down her arm. nothing. i tried unscrewing the parts of the toy but it was hard to do while holding her arm with the toy so that it didn't hurt her. finally i called a neighbor who was on her way over when i dropped the olive oil bottle, put it on the table next to us and andie just instantly removed her caught arm so she could hold the bottle. so, she's fine, even though i was traumatized picturing an ambulance visit with EMT's trying to help my completely nude daughter and free her from her plastic arm prison.

once a while ago (okay, it was only about a year ago) i put on this totally obnoxious fake diamond ring i have even though it was small and instantly it got stuck and i knew i had a very short time before my finger started swelling and it wasn't coming off. after two hours i finally called the E.R. and they told me that if i didn't get it off within a few minutes i had to come in to not risk problems with cutting off the circulation. the story ended with my wonderful husband sawing away at the thing while i hoped my finger would remain intact. went totally fine though. but it made me a little paranoid about cutting off circulation to body parts. ...and wearing bad jewelry. but oh well.

so all's well that end's well i guess.

geez, i sound like a dork. i just read what i typed and man, i somehow type everything that comes into my head, kind of the way i think out loud as i talk. nice.


Blogger Stephanie said...

This was hilarious! What a fun day. The "plastic arm prison" killed me :o)

8:54 PM  
Blogger joanna said...

oh stephanie, if you liked that one you might just enjoy the post i'm about to type up....

these kids sure keep us on our toes, don't they?!?

10:18 PM  

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