Saturday, December 23, 2006


thank you to my brother for calling me (ten minutes before our sister's play was about to start) to inform me that A Smoky Mountain Christmas was starting in ten minutes. woo hoo!!!! i'm DVRing it right now, and periodically watching a scene or two (and i'll admit, singing along). jacob's friend amanda called to tell him it was going to be on the CMT channel, so thank you to amanda. i haven't seen this movie in several years but i just love it. it's totally hoakey and this year makes it 20 years old, but it is a classic by my standards. i wish it would come out on DVD. it's something like $40 through amazon, yikes. i plan to never erase it from DVR :)

i tried to get the kids to watch it but they think they have better things to do. someday i will convert them though. they will be dolly lovers as well.


Anonymous jacob said...

directed by Henry "fonzie" winkler, too! wow.

12:49 PM  

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