Monday, January 29, 2007

the reason i'm married....

The other night after the kids were in bed I had some TNT show on and was flipping through a catalog or something (I tend to multi-task at night) and I happened to glance up during a commercial break and for a second saw a familiar face during the preview for a Steven Seagal movie. Luckily, with DVR you can instantly rewind whatever you're watching and yep, sure enough, there was a whole second of an old friend Jackie Lord
in the preview. Well, her name wasn't Lord when I knew her in high school, but it comes from marrying and un-marrying a prominent, Grammy award winning music producer I guess.

Jackie was a senior when I was a freshman in high school, she was gorgeous and talented-the lead in Fame, the school musical that year. She drove an adorable old convertible Beatle, she had a college boyfriend, and she worked and taught at the campus ice arena. I had never ice skated as a kid and didn't try it until high school and at 14 was taking lessons for the first time. Amazingly, as unathletic as I am, I took to ice skating right away (I think all those years of rollerskating in my parents basement to Michael Jackson songs with the neighbor girls may have helped some!). Because Jackie taught lessons at the same time I was at the rink, she was able to give me ride from there to the school for musical rehearsals (I was merely in the chorus). She told me that she had a brother my age who was living with their dad in Georgia and would be attending our high school the following year. I didn't think much of it but when I met Dan on the first day of school sophomore year in math class we were friends right away.

And Jackie might also be credited for Aaron and I being together. As sophomores it was Jackie who encouraged Dan and I to get jobs at the ice arena. We were young, not old enough to even get to and from work (you have no idea how much fun was made of me by my college co-workers when mom would drop me off!) and our boss was skeptical about hiring us. But he did and it was the best job for two goofy high school kids and I worked there the rest of high school and into college and working there was how Aaron and I met.

And Jackie of course did well, as far as I know. She was scouted by modeling agencies while still in high school, she married and sadly divorced, but she records music, acts, lives it up on one coast or another. It's so neat to watch someone you know become successful. Her movie is on TNT this afternoon, pretty cool. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she's good!


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