Thursday, November 13, 2008

conversations with andie

last week i picked andie up from school with her friend maddie. as soon as she got into the car she tells me seriously, "ezra ate a bug. "

"ezra ate a bug?"

"yep. he ate a bug. and then he died."

and maddie is nodding & corroborating andie's story.

"what? he didn't die!" i said to them.

"NO! he did die!" andie was quite insistent about this bizarre story. later at home i have andie tell aaron the story again & she was able to clarify for us that ezra did eat a bug, but he was okay, but it was the bug that was dead. hmmmm.

so today when i picked the girls up from school, as an afterthought i figured maybe the teacher could fill me in. "andie was telling me a story last week about ezra......eating a bug......." & i wish i hadn't even said the last part,".......and then he died...." yeah, the teacher laughed & pretty much thought i was crazy. she had no knowledge of ezra eating a bug, no bells rang when i told her any of this. so i felt kind of dumb. and ezra was there, he seemed absolutely fine. i just don't know where kids get this stuff.



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