Thursday, October 09, 2008

for crying out loud

why do i still watch you Law & Order reruns???

i'm watching an SUV episode and recognize one of the actors in the episode as Carlos Leon, the father of Madonna's daughter Lourdes (i will never ever be able to tell you the current location of my keys but i can name nearly every random celebrity and there significant other, famous or not. go figure. it's a curse really.) only days ago i was watching a different L&O and he was in it. in checking his bio, the ex-Madonna boy toy has been 5 different characters in 5 DIFFERENT LAW & ORDER EPISODES! one Law & Order, 2 Criminal Intents, and 1 SUV. geez, you can't tell me there's that big a shortage on latino actors these days.

why do i continue to watch these??? and why do i continue to track these random characters?

and speaking of Madonna, does anyone else miss her? the old Madonna? i miss Borderline, Who's That Girl, Open Your Heart, Papa Don't Preach. bleach blonde Madonna, red lips, the mole, the crazy outfits. she's just not the same anymore. and she freaks aaron out with her muscley body. what happened to her? i guess we've all outgrown the 80's but i sure wouldn't mind a little old school Madonna these days. i don't know why i've been thinking about this lately--well, maybe it has something to do with seeing her ex all over TV lately, but Who's That Girl will always be one of my favorite 80's movies. sorry for this major tangent....

oh, and Carlos's character was just arrested--i'm telling you, when you see the same guy recycled episode after episode it's a dead giveaway that "he dunnit". c'mon L&O!



Blogger Dori said...

You need to go rent Desperately Seeking Susan. In fact, I'll watch it with you (you were probably about 6 when the movie came out?) Trust me, you wouldn't want Madonna to be the same now at 50 that she was at 25. That would freak you out more than her muscles.

7:14 PM  
Blogger joanna said...

i love that movie, and actually, it's on our Encore channels ALL the time! i think i have it DVR'd, you can come over to my house and we'll watch it! but you have to wear a jean jacket, lacey tights, and big hair. i myself am a little partial to Who's The Girl, but it's muuuuuch cheesier. and as i said about Shelly Long--only in the 80's could Rosanna Arquette be an example of a hot leading lady!!! i love it!

5:11 PM  
Blogger Dori said...

i really want those boots, you know, susan's boots she gets from the thrift shop...

11:56 AM  
Blogger Christina said...

Don't miss Madonna but I'm a L&O addict! The strangest episode was seeing Steve from "Blues Clues" playing the bad guy!! LOL

10:22 AM  

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