Tuesday, October 07, 2008

"Careful. We don't want to learn from this." ~Calvin & Hobbes

random thoughts lately....

*i love my new hairdryer. it's nothing special really, it blasts the air and dries my hair which is just what you want out of a dryer, but the awesome thing is the retractable cord. you simply pull out the cord you need and then with the push of a button the cord is whisked back into the thing. why doesn't every appliance have that??? i only remember seeing it on my parents' vacuum and even then it seemed pretty cool, but now i don't have to wrap & unwrap the cord around the dryer itself and worry about tangling, it's great. and it could totally cut down on extra cord-age for things, you know, your toaster could have it and not have two feet of extra cord tucked behind it on the counter. or lamps or clock radios or DVD players. the possibilities are endless. i think it would be a major selling feature. am i wrong?

*andie & i were chatting a bit about the baby, she loves giving my belly hugs and resting her head on it, i hope she enjoys her actual sibling as much as my stomach. we talked a little about names that the baby could have and she had an idea for a girl: Juden. i don't know that we'll use it but i have to admit, it's not the worst name i've ever heard. just earlier in the day she was talking with her dolls whom she was calling "Lulu, Gogo, and Trinsky" so Juden didn't strike me as *completely* horrendous.

*i know that cell phones are distracting when driving, but i have to tell you what's REALLY distracting when you're trying to manuever a car--children. and i don't see anyone outlawing kids in the car anytime soon, but man, the times where i feel the most distracted at the wheel are when i'm reaching to give a snack to a whiney kid, trying to turn for a second to look at something someone is desperate to point out to me from the backseat or to mediate a disagreement between two screaming manics i can't see. i know, this making you nervous to think about driving with someone like me on the road, but i had to say it. and every parent i'm sure is this way. it's no wonder we've learned to multitask to well, this is a prime example. and i'm an incredibly cautious driver, i can only imagine if i were more erratic how dangerous it would be out there! i'm starting to think the arguement for DVDs in the car might not be a bad idea!

*i can barely put on socks and shoes these days, it's hard to bend over. i'm feeling relatively good (and i promise to post a picture of my giant self so you can have a good laugh and get those whale jokes off your chest!) & most days i really enjoy being pregnant. unlike expecting my first baby, i know what a challenge having a newborn is and how consuming it will be, i know this is the absolute easiest it will ever be to care for this child so i'm happy to keep baby safe and sound inside of me for now. and i know that in the many years to come i will miss this time in my life, feeling the baby move inside and feeling like a share a secret just with baby. i'm trying to soak it all up and remember the details. i'm not saying i don't have times where i think "for the love of pete, my belly rubs against the steering wheel!" but i'm lucky that i feel pretty good when pregnant, i'm slowing down which is hard because there's a lot i want to accomplish in a day and at times i just can't but all in all, life is good around here. i've also been doing a lot of photo sessions and my deadline to quit working continues to be extended as people call to make appointments. at this point i'm probably going to have my camera going right up until delivery! i also have this fantasy of having all my gear at the hospital for baby's first photo shoot, we'll see.

and for the record, i think i should explain that while yes, my belly is often right up against the steering wheel it's a combination of being pregnant and having short legs. i'm not THAT huge really, i just have to sit pretty close to the wheel, damn cars should have all adjustable pedals. listen to me, between that and the cord stuff i am full of useful suggestions for manufacturers!



Blogger Jen said...

Some auto manufacturer's are there already on the pedals. Better get an avalance. :P

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