Wednesday, May 07, 2008

rent this movie!!

you have to see "The Prestige". aaron and i watched this movie on a whim several months ago and now they've been playing it frequently on our Encore movie channels so i was lucky enough to see it again recently. it's just amazing. it's the kind of movie you'll want everyone you know to see, it's good to see with someone because you'll want to talk about it later, you'll want to watch it again immediately to catch the nuances you missed. and it has hugh jackman, christian bale (probably one of my top 5 favorite actors ever, he's brilliant), michael caine, scarlett johansson, & david bowie (the man is still gorgeous and he's great in the small part he has in the film).

this movie came out around the same time as "The Illusionist", also about magicians (and who knew that magic was such fascinating movie material?), which starred edward norton, rufus sewell, jessica biel, & paul giamatti. i even postponed my accolades for "the prestige" until i had seen this one *just in case* it was better. but no way. while a completely different movie, of course, i found it plodding and predictable and had to restrain myself from getting involved in online message board debates comparing the two. and yes, i know how lame that makes me. but i didn't actually post, so that should be redeeming.

anyway, go see it, it's awesome :)

michael caine & hugh jackman:
scarlett johansson:

christian bale:
david bowie:



Blogger Tina said...

You know.. I liked The Prestige.. but I had actually seen "The Illusionist" first and so I like it better... they are two totally different movies, you're right.. but I loved the story of The Illusionist.. plus I love Paul Giamatti... There were some parts of "The Prestige" that I loved as well.. it was a bit confusing to me in the jail... I still have trouble figuring it out... LOL

3:08 PM  
Blogger Liza said...

I followed your advice and rented The Prestige last night (your blog must have a powerful influence over me)--we really really liked it! Thanks for the suggestion!

7:59 PM  
Blogger Dori said...

OK, you convined me. I'm going to try to talk Paul into it for tonight.

4:39 PM  

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