Monday, February 19, 2007

go japan

it seems like lately the movies i've found that i really like are all foreign.

if you're wanting something really dynamic, i would definitely suggest The House of Flying Daggers or Hero. the choreography and cinematography are absolutely spellbinding, and the plots of each one aren't too shabby either. i haven't seen anything like it. if i could take pictures that were anything like the images in these movies i would be thrilled.

while we're on the subject of japanese films, if you'd like a fun, horror-type film, it's worth checking out Dark Water. okay, it's not really fun. but one morning when i was in the middle of that miserable cold and couldn't sleep, i woke up really early and started watching the independent film channel ands saw this about to start. initially i was confused because i remember seeing previews for this movie with jennifer connelly about a year ago. but in looking at the date it seems that the japanese version is the original and we americans ripped it off and tried our hand at it. i watched the US version recently too-definitely not as good as the original. the japanese version is more suspenseful and isn't afraid to add those great scary pauses without dialogue to really get your heart racing. our movies are a little more high-gloss or something. i guess we're redone several recent japanese horror movies and they still aren't as good as the first ones.

i'm not really into bloody movies, but i can really appreciate a good suspense movie.

so, if you're at the video store and feel like something different....


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