Tuesday, August 26, 2008

weekend girlfriend trip II

i've just returned from an awesome trip with girlfriends to the lake michigan shore. last year 8 of us went to st. pete's beach in florida to celebrate our pal dori's big bday and this year there were a couple birthdays to celebrate but really we're finding we don't need much of a reason to get some space from the daily grind and have some quality time with friends. there were 13 of us (yikes!) and we had a blast. the house we stayed in was goooooooooorgeous filled with everything we could possibly need (well....except for a full length mirror, it's not that we're vain, in fact, at home there will be entire weeks in which i realize i haven't looked in a mirror due to little voices screaming for juice or that they've peed somewhere, but i digress) and it had a lovely view of lake michigan and the beach. the lake itself was great, reminded us of the ocean, very blue, refreshing and not too cold, and only a teeny tiny bit lake-y smelling.

here are some pictures taken around the house (thank you michelle! and others who sent some that i haven't downloaded). there was a lot of lounging, wading, walking, drinking, dancing, gaming, reading, and chatting going on, but those might have to come later in other pictures.

i miss the weekend already :(



Anonymous Anonymous said...

that house is so pretty!
who's is it?


3:59 PM  
Blogger Donita said...

Oh, I miss it too. I have a pic of you lounging on the deck I need to send you!

4:46 PM  

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