Monday, May 26, 2008

c'mon target, why ya gotta do me like that?

over the weekend our family attempted to get some new patio furniture. hours and hours in several different stores, testing chairs, reviewing prices, yelling at children playing tag instead of sitting quietly (hard to blame them-did i mention hours and hours?) we finally settle on a target set that even had a sale on the chairs. after finally tracking down someone to help us, we are informed that "we don't have any more of that table." ooo-kay. "can you check if any other stores have it?" ...checking... "i'm sorry, no, there aren't any." oo-kay. "what about the chairs that are on sale?" "there are only 2 of them." 2????? "do you ever sell the display?" smiling sweetly still, "no, we don't. not unless the set is discontinued." what???? she even tells is that another table we were looking at is out of stock and as she wanders off we're left only to believe that target doesn't actually have any of the merchandise it's hawking in it's giant patio furniture section and one can spend an hour scrutinizing and sizing up (and yelling at children), only to find that "no silly, you can't actually BUY the furniture! but go ahead, admire it, add up all the numbers, sit in the comfy gliding chairs, but DREAM ON SUCKERS!!!!" i mean geez, she might as well have said that right?

i'm normally all about the target. singing it's praises, touting its dibs, prizing it above all others. but now......i gotta say, i'm a little disappointed. the store we visited before actually had a system that made a bit of sense---display what you have available, sell the display once it's the last set in stock, then it's gone and you're done. nothing left to tease innocent patio furniture shoppers.

so, the search continues.

and while it may have humbled my target opinion a little, i know myself-i can't stay away. i'll be back next week, going through the dollar bins, checking out the exotic soda selection, perusing the bedding. but the patio furniture, well, that's a different story.



Blogger Christie Bielss said...

All I can say is... "RAINCHECK!!!"!!! If they didn't offer you one - then call the manager, gripe about the store personnel not offering you one and use your pregnancy hormones to get one. That way you get it at the sale price when it arrives on the truck in 2 weeks.

PS - It wouldn't hurt to tell him how you're always singing their praises and how utterly disappointed you are with them right now! LOL!

7:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We love the patio furniture at Sam's! Check it out.

Mrs. B

7:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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