Sunday, July 06, 2008

shoes, shoes, shoes

well, we had a really productive weekend. we did a lot of cleaning and i finally tackled my closet, which was a monster. it took hours and hours but it was definitely worth it. i was able to store most everything away and just put out the maternity stuff and i even found a pair of adidas sandals that i haven't seen since last summer. they were in a plastic band covered in sand and untouched from when i returned from the girlfriend trip to Florida A YEAR AGO. i find it sad that i could lose them for such a long time in my own closet. maybe sadder still that last weekend i almost bought the same pair again, forgetting i even had them in the first place. note to self: organize closet better.

and speaking of shoes, it was much appreciated the advice i got about flip flops from friends. big shout out to amy who recommended fit flops, which i have yet to try out, and lindsey, who sang the praises of chacos. unfortunately, i had just gone out the previous day and bought a pair of crocs flip flops which i regretted as soon as i tried the chaco pair on. i had debated about the crocs pair, it had a bit more cushion in the heel but was still pretty wide for my foot and didn't feel as amazing as i had hoped. and they were $40, which was just a tad over what i wanted to spend on crocs. but i bought them, only to find the very next day that another store had a different pair of crocs flip flops that were much better for narrow feet and $10 cheaper. and this same day, i found chacos. they were awesome--great arch support, still sleek and not too chunky, they were just what i was looking for. except they didn't have black, and i really want all black for now. so i went home, debated with myself about the purchase. and in the meantime my pal dori calls me up to tell me that her big lug of a dog just chewed her Birks up and she was curious about the crocs. well, i told her what she really needed were the chacos and she snatched up a pair right away, advising me to do the same.

unfortunately, i didn't order them right away. and we're leaving on vacation tuesday and i'm *dying* to get them. when i saw dori over the weekend and admitted to having waited until Thursday night at 11:30 to order them, right before the 4th, she hit me. hard too. i'm such a dope. i told her i wasn't sure if i'd want them on vacation or if i'd just wait until i got back to break them in. see that's the thing--these shoes are so supportive you really need to only wear them a little at a time in the beginning while you get used to each other. i wasn't sure if out trip was the right time. but ultimately, my feet are still hurting these days, even with the, keep your fingers crossed that they arrive Monday!



Blogger Dori said...

Sorry for hitting you hard. So did they arrive? Something tells me I have to wait until next week for the answer...

9:26 PM  
Blogger joanna said...

ha ha ha, you did hit me hard. but then again i'm a big weenie.

atually, i was meaning to post before i left that they did arrive! and i love them. and they seemed totally fine. however, after spending the whole day at MGM Studios today i realize that i still haven't been broken in to them. i was worried about the arch being too much right away but that part was completely fine, it was the straps that dug in a little and the thing between my toes was wider than my other pairs and i have some red marks on my feet. and then on top if it, the adidas sandals had those little nubs on the bottom that always were fine but were killing my feet today. so i spent the day alternating between shoes the hurt the top of my feet and shoes that hurt the bottoms.

so that's what happened. i'm hoping me feet develop callouses on both sides :)

and i'm writing from the hotel in orlando!

5:20 PM  
Blogger Tina said...

9:22 PM  
Blogger Dori said...

OK Joanna, when I said you needed the shoes for your vacation, I didn't mean you should wear them to the theme park. Honestly girl, when in a theme park the only shoes you should be wearing are sneakers (that's tennis shoes to you). I wouldn't even wear my birks at a theme park. By the way, ordered a new pair LAST NIGHT and they arrived THIS AFTERNOON! Gotta love Zappos!

7:12 PM  
Blogger joanna said...

dori--geez, i don't OWN anything other than flip flops! i can't remember the last time i wore "sneakers" (tee hee hee! that word makes me laugh!)

and of course by the end of the trip the chacos were totally fine but i still have to stop when we were in key west and have aaron buy me a cheap pair of them because they were the only thing i knew i could wear no problem.

which pair did you get from zappos? i love them too!

7:17 AM  

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